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Weekly Question and Round-Up (2/8/15)

Every Sunday all of our writers get together and answer a Disney related question. Here’s this week’s question and responses:

Question of the Week:  In honor of Leslie, the question of the week is: if you could be any Disney employee what would it be? If you pick imagineer or some higher up position, maybe pick one for the cast member position inside the resorts, as well.

Melissa H. – This has to be one of the EASIEST questions for me, so I was excited when I read this. I would absolutely love to be a skipper on the Jungle Cruise. I love everything about that ride from the corny jokes to the beautiful plant life. It really has been one of my favorite rides for my entire life. I think it would be so fun to interact with park guests and get to use the sarcastic and corny sense of humor that my dad passed down to me. Plus, it’s cool that you are somewhat “in control” of the ride experience and that you could make it different every time. AHHH… Now I wish I could just be doing that with my life!


Melissa L. – Easy – a Disney Princess! I think it would be so much fun to transform yourself everyday into your favorite Disney Princess and then get to meet all the really cute kids!

Kelsee – Melissa L., I’m totally with you on being a Disney princess! I think that’s our 5-year-old selves coming out. I would love to be apart of the magic. The smiles that the Disney princesses bring out are irreplaceable. If I couldn’t be a Disney princess I would love to be a fairy godmother in training at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. It’s such a neat and magical experience for children and I’d love to be apart of that.

FoF Merida

Leslie – My first choice would probably be in a Hospitality role but as that is not in the park I would like to be Friends with Merida learning to speak with a Scottish accent can’t be too hard right? Plus making all the families happy would mean the world to me!


Andrew – I have a little bit of a harder time answering this question. I would love to be an imagineer although that’s so much easier said than done. After that, my pick would be Sorcerer Mickey in Fantasmic! I love the show and I have to imagine that position would be one of the most exhilarating things you could do. If I’m being more realistic though, I’d pick being a safari driver in Kilimanjaro Safaris. I love to drive and I love animals. The experience would be different every time, based on where the animals are, and the guest interactions would be so much fun because the attraction is such a unique experience.

After the jump we have a review of the week and a preview of next week here on Wandering in Disney.  It was a pretty simple week on the blog, but we had some fun posts up.  On Tuesday, Andrew wrote a post about five relaxing activities outside of the parks at Disney World.  On Wednesday, Melissa H. gave us a preview of her Disneyland trip that she took this weekend.  We can’t wait to hear how it was!  On Friday, we answered some reader questions and look forward to more of them (which you can send to us in the comments or via email to

Here are some of our favorite posts around the Disney blogosphere this week:

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