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Weekly Question and Round-Up (1/25/15)

Every Sunday all of our writers get together and answer a Disney related question. Here’s this week’s question and responses.

Question of the week: We’ll head to Epcot for this week’s question. I know it’s been a while since some of you have been there but what is one of your favorite Country Pavilions in Epcot and why?

Leslie – Japan, shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? One the bonsai garden is awesome and really relaxing. Two the taiko drummers are also awesome. Three the store is amazing and huge. Some of the most fun souvenirs are found here including my favorite picking your own pearl. If you have a chance to visit one of the restaurants here and have an opening reservation you will be greeted by the staff traditionally which is awesome.

Japan Bridge Epcot_edited-2

Melissa L. – I really like Italy because it has so many memories for me, but I think my favorite pavilion may be Norway. And it was Norway before Frozen came along (but it makes even better now). The main reason I think is the restaurant there Akershus. You get to dine with princesses! How can that not be awesome! I also really like the theming. It really reminds me of Europe. I also like the ride there, it was always a nice for a cool off by the time you reached there and this is a great place to do that. Even though I do enjoy the ride as is, I’m super excited for the frozen ride they are putting in.

Kelsee – I enjoy the German pavilion the most. I love that they have actual people from each country in every pavilion, but I especially loved talking to the people from Germany. I loved going in the stores and seeing all the cuckoo clocks and feeling like I was in Pinocchio (I realize Pinocchio and Gepetto are Italian but it still reminded me of the movie) I also enjoy the beer they have available there as well as the beautiful courtyard. I love all the pavilions but Germany just sticks out for me in the experience.

Melissa H. – I love the Morocco pavilion in Epcot. There is something about the architecture and beautiful colors that makes me feel like I am in an actual marketplace in a land far away. I also am I little biased because I constantly find myself craving the shawarma and baklava.

Epcot Sunset_edited-1

Andrew – I really shouldn’t have gone last. I was going to pick Japan then Morocco but to be different, I’ll go with the Mexico pavilion. There are the 2 restaurants (counter-service and a table-service) outside by the water and then I love the pyramid. The inside of it is themed to look like like a Mexican marketplace at night. It has a cool (as in temperature) feel to it and there always seems to be a good energy and buzz in there (maybe it’s the margaritas) no matter the time of day. I also like the restaurant inside there that’s by the water.

What is your favorite Epcot pavilion?  Let us know in the comments.  A recap of last week and a preview of the next one is coming after the jump!

This week on the blog was kicked off by a post about photography in Disney Parks.  Next came the final post in the series of our May Disneyland trip report.  Kelsee wrote a review of the Princess Fantasy Faire in Disneyland on Friday.  Yesterday we tried something new on the blog by sharing the highlights of a little chat we did.

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Coming up on the blog this week:

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