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On Thursday night, Kelsee, Leslie, and Andrew got together and chatted (via the internet) about a few Disney topics.  Here are some of the highlights as we talked about Epcot, Leslie’s internship and Disneyland dark rides!  We apologize for the rambling in it.  We’re still trying to figure out how to format this type of post and how to make it interactive for other people to take part in.  If you have any ideas or feedback, please leave them in the comments.  We’d love to figure out a way to get everyone chatting together.  For now, enjoy a few of us chatting.  Sorry for any typos (blame Leslie for typos made by everyone, for no reason at all).

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Andrew – Let’s start by talking about the Frozen expansion in Epcot.  Did the two of you see it’s bigger than first announced?

Leslie – I actually didn’t know that! I feel so behind now haha. But that has me even more excited for it!

Kelsee – No I didn’t either!

Andrew- Yes, from what I’ve read there is going to be a building in between Mexico and Norway (get your World Showcase maps out) that will house a Meet and Greet. There will be a few other things too. It doesn’t look like the actual attraction will be any bigger (although I’m crossing my fingers) but there will be more Frozen or Arendelle themed attractions there.

Kelsee – I think this is a great expansion for Epcot. Since it’s known to be more of an adult oriented park, this brings a huge attraction for kids. I have been on maelstrom once and I’m glad for this upgrade. I don’t think it’s a “fad movie” as I’ve seen around other Disney boards and Frozen is here to stay, literally.

Andrew – I agree that Frozen is here to stay. It’s the biggest thing Disney has made since the Lion King (and arguably the best).

Leslie – I love Frozen…I love pretty much anything Frozen and plus I am hoping all the Frozen stuff will spread out the attention a little and make the meet and greet lines shorter.

Andrew – That’s fair. I think the complaint here is that it’s in Epcot though. You both are pretty fine with that it seems?

Kelsee – My question is, will they keep the Anna Elsa meet and greet in Fantasyland?

Andrew – I wouldn’t think so.

Leslie – I honestly don’t have a problem with it. Much of the style seems to fit with Norway and honestly I think some adults are as big of a fan as kids are.

Andrew – But, the meet and greet in Epcot might not just be Anna and Elsa.

Leslie – As in more Frozen characters I am assuming?

Andrew – We don’t really know. I’ve read rumors that it would cycle in all princesses but those might just be rumors.

Kelsee – I wish they would keep both meet and greets in Epcot and Fantasyland. It would give more options and shorter lines as Leslie mentioned. I guess they’d have to explain how Anna and Elsa get from place to place so quickly….

Leslie – Troll magic

Kelsee – Good one!

Andrew – I think Epcot could change a lot in the next few years. It would have to wait until Hollywood Studios is done but there is a decent amount that could be done there.

Leslie – I agree, Epcot has so much potential and space I feel.

Kelsee – I feel like Epcot is very similar to how I feel about Tomorrowland in both Disneyland and Magic kingdom, very outdated and the technology and rides need a huge upgrade.

Andrew – I think you nailed it, Kelsee.  Leslie, how long is your internship again?

Leslie – About 6 months, with a potential to extend another 6 months I believe.

Andrew – Got it. Can you give us a short summary of what you know you’ll be doing. A class or two, working, and a tiny bit of free time?

Leslie – For the most part my actual knowledge of my work experience is a mystery. I know that I will be working merchandise which has several roles in itself (retail, cashier, stocking, merchentainment). Where as I do not know what store per say I shall be working in. In addition to my MBA courses I am taking online I am going to take at least one class in advanced hospitality management which I am definitely excited for. If I stay at Disney and begin a career I believe this is the area I wish to enter into. Free time will be spent in DisneyWorld as well as visiting my friend Mister Potter. After all I need to help my fellow Hufflepuffs win the House Cup!

Kelsee – A fellow Hufflepuff! Yay!

Andrew – You’re getting there a day early aren’t you, Leslie? Where are you staying?

Leslie – I will be staying at Pop Century in the Sports Section I believe, fitting for Super Bowl Sunday huh?

Kelsee – Love it!

Andrew – Do you have anything you specifically want to do in the parks while you’re there? Although I guess you’ll have lots of time so it isn’t as pressing as a vacation.

Leslie – I definitely want to work on my collection of photos. I love the ones I was able to get on my vacation, but I won’t feel so rushed when I am there. I can take my time and capture the details. Instead of running around the park trying to cram everything in. 

Andrew – Jealous.  The real question is, how often do you plan to go out to eat?

Leslie – Sadly, not often if I can help it. While it is a paid internship I want to be a good steward with my money and try not to be broke at the end. While I love the Disney food and can sit with my mother and talk about it for hours I want to save my money too. Believe me though, there will be special occasion dinners.

Kelsee – How did you find out about the internship?

Leslie – I found out about it actually by poking around the Disney website. There was a section marked students, and well, one click lead to another.

Andrew – Thanks for sharing Leslie. Last question on that, will the loyal Wandering In Disney readers still be able to read your terrific posts? And can they follow you on social media by chance for more pictures?

Leslie – Of course they can read my posts, I look forward to hearing feedback from them too! As for the social media of course! My instagram for the trip is LANDCP2015.

Kelsee – Do you think that Disneyland should keep its original attractions, that have little popularity and relevance to modern park goers? For example, Autopia, Snow White’s Scary Adventure, Pinochio’s Daring Journey, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, etc… I am all about tradition and keeping with Walt’s vision, but is there a time when they need to go?

Andrew – Some of them, yes. Basically all of the dark rides.  Autopia I don’t care about.

Kelsee – I wonder if they keep them there for nostalgia, or they don’t want to mess with them.

Andrew – Almost all of them are getting a pretty big refurbishment for the 60th anniversary, which is awesome.  Would you keep them Kelsee?

Kelsee – That is cool that they are doing that. I know this is mean, but I just find them to be an eye sore. I agree with you Leslie about bridging the gap, I can relate because I do that with my daughter already. However, the rides I enjoy more and relive with her are the more popular ones such as Dumbo, tea cups, carousel, It’s a Small World, Peter Pan. I guess it’s a personal preference to which ones you cling on to with memories. The ones I listed just don’t seem popular or nostalgic to anyone anymore.

Leslie – While I think it is important to keep innovating I also think it is important to keep the old rides like these. They bridge a gap when you can bring your child to the ride you used to ride as a child. It solidifies the family in a way and also keeps Walt alive. At least to me. And come now Andrew, Autopia has proved time and time again why children should never drive and why I will probably never get a real license.

Andrew – Autopia is fine but it takes up a whole lot of space that could be used to bring Tomorrowland up to date or to add a New Fantasyland or (dare I bring this up again) Star Wars Land.

Kelsee – I agree with Autopia taking up way too much space.  Star Wars would work well there too, a place for everything.

Andrew – Snow White’s Scary Adventure is really cool I think. Albeit terrifying. If you take Fantasyland as almost like a showing of Fantasmic! Snow White and Mr. Toad’s are a vital part of showing that fantasy can’t always be a walk in the park. If you must replace them, then replace them with something that still shows that.

Leslie – That is very good logic. That’s also why I love the Evil Queen who stares down at the crowd.

Kelsee – Yes, I hope she never goes.

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