Missions Around the World Showcase


Epcot, DisneyWorld’s melting pot of culture. Before I took my first trip I did my research on which of the parks were the best for children. As I knew I might be spending a bit of our trip with my brother I wanted to be sure where ever we went he would be able to enjoy himself. Many websites I visited unfortunately (and quite incorrectly if I might be so bold) say Epcot is not a place for children. James however had plenty of fun when we went there, from the rides to the cultural aspects he enjoyed himself. The biggest draw for children in the World Showcase is an interactive journey that takes them with their favorite spy agency. I’m talking about Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure. Families are provided with a F.O.N.E. or Field Operative Notification Equipment so that you can communicate with some of your favorite Phineas and Ferb characters. There are seven different adventures you can go on through the pavilions, if you have the time you could do all of them in one day. If not there are “drop boxes” to secretly, return your device once you are done.


As you go about the adventure you are doing your best to stop the evil Doofenshmirtz from succeeding with his dastardly plans. The F.O.N.E. will address you when you arrive at your first mission. You are addressed by Agent P’s boss Major Monogram who will call you by your agent name (in our case it was Agent J for James). It’s small details like these that are both easily programmable and make it more special for the child.


Our mission that we did took place in Norway and had several stops. Based on how quick your child is at solving the clues a mission can take anywhere from 20-30 minutes. Ours took about 30 minutes because we did not hurry to get it done and enjoyed the interactive details which included raising flags, making ancient stones glow, and finding hidden swords before stopping for photos with a troll. James says his favorite part was, getting to explore the areas that the missions took place, the interactive elements really made, what might be viewed as a boring experience, more fun. It is a huge draw that not all of the other parks have (Magic Kingdom has something similar in Sorcerer’s of the Magic Kingdom).


If James was disappointed by anything, it was perhaps that we did not do any more missions before we left. Honestly I would probably do the adventure myself (don’t judge me), watching James do the missions however was lots of fun and rewarding. While there are many rides for children to enjoy in Epcot I feel like this adventure is something they will be talking about the whole day and something they can be proud of. After all not all children get a change to stop the evil Doofenshmirtz and be secret agents.


If you have some suggestions about what your children like best about Epcot please comment and share your experiences with us!


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