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Alien Pizza Planet Review

Alien Pizza Planet is a counter-service restaurant in Disneyland’s Tomorrowland. The restaurant serves pizza and pasta in a casual setting loosely fit to its namesake from Toy Story. Pizza Planet does accept an annual pass discount. This review will cover the restaurant’s food and value and will include some photos along the way!

For whatever reason, Pizza Planet is one of Imagineering’s bugaboos. Hollywood Studios had a restaurant named the same thing for years before ultimately being switched out for the current PizzeRizzo. Before that transition, Pizza Planet was a half-baked idea. The source material is pretty clear, as Toy Story showcases the restaurant as a dark arcade with neon, a ton of games, and (ummm) pizza. I know that there are some hard aspects of doing an arcade in a theme park but this seems like a relatively easy thing to replicate. Hollywood Studios didn’t do any of that, instead opting for a counter to order at and fairly bright seating with no games or anything that resembled an arcade game.

Pizza Planet ceiling DL

Sadly, Disneyland has followed that same path. To be fair, this place is called Alien Pizza Planet instead of just Pizza Planet. Why the change? Is this supposed to let guests know that this isn’t a replica but instead one focused on aliens? Or maybe they just serve Alien Pizza as opposed to regular pizza? Read further for absolutely no answer to these meaningless questions.

The food area is divided into ordering bays with stations for pizza, pasta and salads. It’s an easy place to navigate, as each area has several items to order with menus up above the station.

Pizza station Pizza Planet DL

Moving on to the seating area, it is nothing interesting. Drink stations are on one side of the restaurant along with utensils and other needs. The rest of the seating area is filled with, you guessed it, seating. Above the tables are some Toy Story props, a few little green aliens, a rocket and a few other random objects. That along with some colorful walls are the extent of the theming. I’m also not a fan of the industrial ceiling.

Pizza Planet alien DL

Like the Pizza Planet that came before it, this restaurant feels more like a slight nod to Toy Story instead of a replica of the source material. That’s a shame since an actual replica would be really interesting and fun. This isn’t to say that Pizza Planet is a bad place to sit and have a meal. It can get a little loud and cramped in there but there are worse places to sit down for a meal. That said, it ranks among the worst restaurant atmospheres in Disneyland.

Moving on to the food, here’s a look at Alien Pizza Planet’s menu. Before we get into the individual items, I’ll add the caveat that we ordered some weird stuff here. Let’s get into it!

Salad Pizza Planet DL

Here’s a look at the side salad. There isn’t much to report on here, it was a decent salad and tasted fresh enough. Theme parks aren’t always the easiest place to find salads or vegetables, so being able to get one for five dollars is a nice little trick if you want a light lunch or healthier snack. It definitely won’t blow you away but it’s a nice option.

Pizza Planet caesar salad DL

Speaking of vegetables, we’ve also tried the Centurion Caesar Salad which consists of Grilled Chicken Breast atop crisp Romaine Lettuce tossed in Caesar Dressing, with Croutons and Parmesan Cheese. I’ve recently been on a quest to try all of the counter-service Disneyland salads. A long awaited post (ha!) is coming but I will say that this one is in the top half. I don’t think the chicken is very good but there was a good mix of cheese, croutons and lettuce. It wasn’t anything special but it was a large portion for $10.99.

Pasta Pizza Planet DL

We ordered the Count Down Chicken Fusili as our pasta. I enjoyed it more than I expected to despite the dumb name. The pasta was cooked well and the amount of sauce on it was spot on, something that is generally inconsistent at places like this. With the Parmesan-Pesto Cream Sauce and Shaved Parmesan, the dish was rich but mostly delicious. Even the chicken was better than anticipated, albeit nothing special. At around $13, I think this dish is a good option, likely the best one at this particular restaurant.

Cheese pizza Pizza Planet DL

This is the Mozz-114 Cheese Pizza – Slice. I’m all for immersive detail but, well, at what point is it overkill when we’re naming things like a simple piece of Cheese Pizza, Mozz-114? This might be that point, folks. Furthermore, why is the pepperoni slice simply called Mega Pepperoni? Was there no pun to make so they were just like “Uhhh let’s just throw the word Mega in front?” I’m stalling on the pizza because it’s very average and there’s not much to say about it. There was some grease, the cheese wasn’t the highest quality but it still tasted decent because it was pizza. Get the pasta instead.

Alien Pizza Planet Chorizo Potato DL

Recently, Alien Pizza Planet added a Chorizo con Papa Pizza that consists of Classic Pizza Sauce, Mozzarella & Queso Fresco, Sliced Potatoes, Chorizo and Marinated Red Onions garnished with Cilantro and Chives. Disneyland Resort isn’t exactly known for their pizza, I found this to be quite good. The cheese and crust is still average but the Potatoes and Chorizo add a great flavor. I also enjoy the texture, where I thought it might get a little mushy there was actually a little crunch. Alien Pizza Planet finally has something that I’d go back for!

Pizza Planet kids meal DL

Our last choice was pretty weird but I stand by it. We went with the kids meal pizza. All of the choices for adults were single slice pieces of pizza, albeit large slices, that were $8 and up. The kids meal included the personal pizza (seen above), came with carrots, fruit and a small water bottle. That cost $7. Dare I say that this is a good deal? I guess there’s some ethical question about adults ordering a kids meal but if you don’t mind then doing that then this is a decent choice.

As for how the pizza actually tasted, well… It’s not great. The pizza tastes generic and there wasn’t anything that stood out about it. That said, it wasn’t a grease bomb or taste like a frozen pizza. I’ve certainly had worse pizza but I’m not sure that I’d recommend it unless you were just intrigued by a surprisingly good value. This is a lot of food for $7.

Salads Pizza Planet DL

One positive that comes with Alien Pizza Planet is that it is one of the cheaper dining options at Disneyland and generally is filling food. There’s an interesting variety of options and all generally under $13. That’s hard to find at any theme park.

Overall though, the lack of interesting atmosphere and mediocre food won’t have me recommending the restaurant. While I think there’s some value at Alien Pizza Planet, Disneyland has a very strong counter-service game which has this restaurant sitting near the bottom of the list. This isn’t a terrible option but you can do much better at the park.

Overall Rating – 7/10

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