2022 D23 Expo Announcements: Third Attraction (and Hulk!) Coming to California Adventure

Avengers Campus at Disneyland Resort will head into the Multiverse with a third attraction with a brand-new story! When joining battle with the Avengers, you never know what foes you’ll face from anywhere and everywhen. More to come on this third attraction in the future!

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige also made a special appearance and shared the exciting update that the Incredible Hulk will be appearing in Avengers Campus in his Quantum Suit at Disney California Adventure Park beginning next week!


Thank goodness Avengers Campus is getting that third ride after all. A few years ago when the land was announced, we were told that the land would come in phases, and it has. Somewhere in the middle there was this pandemic and the parks were shut down for a long while and then everything was up in the air. Do you remember that? If you don’t, I’ll have what you’re having. One of those things that was up in the air was the E-ticket attraction coming to DCA’s newest land.

Quinn jet GotG Avengers Campus DCA

Now, I should say that I don’t explicitly remember Feige or D’Amaro mention that this new Multiverse Avengers attraction would be an E-ticket like it was originally slated to be. But, they didn’t not say it? Double negatives and jokes aside, I do expect the attraction to be the hallmark of Avengers Campus. It would pack a nice one-two punch with Mission: BREAKOUT! and be another solid addition to DCA.

There are bigger Marvel fans out there than me and certainly bigger Avengers Campus fans. I find the land to be lacking and pedestrian, ironic seeing how it’s a superhero land. There’s just nothing that grabs me in it, whether that be the Spider-Man attraction or the architecture. I think Guardians is fun but I still prefer Tower of Terror and don’t like the outside aesthetic.

Avengers jeep DCA

With that out of the way, I could definitely see the land being salvaged with a spectacular attraction. You know how to make up for an area with lackluster aesthetics in a theme park? Crowd it with characters to add some life and have great attractions. Avengers Campus already has one of those things down, especially with the inventive addition of Incredible Hulk. Three decent to great rides would be the kick that the land really needs.

I’m curious to see what kind of ride system this new attraction will be. As you can see above, the concept art doesn’t show us a ton. It doesn’t really look like a roller coaster, at least not a typical one since there are four seats across. I guess it’s not the smartest move to guess about concept art that has approximately 58 characters in it.

What we do know is that guests will be trying to defeat King Thanos, who has grown a beard and dawned a crown. While the multiverse could get a little convoluted in theme park storytelling, I’m happy to see the big purple man back as the main villain for the attraction. If Disney is fully embracing corporate synergy then they might as well embrace the best parts of it, with Thanos being the most recognizable villain. There is a bit of a ‘if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em’ attitude I have here but I am excited and relieved to see that another attraction will be coming to Avengers Campus!

Quinjet Maintenence Bay Avengers Campus DCA

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