Top Ten Disneyland Resort Snacks Under Ten Dollars

The legend of Disney theme park food has grown more and more over the years with Dole Whips reaching the level of fame held by the likes of Space Mountain and the castle. The middle of the venn diagram for people who like food and people who like Disney theme parks is quite robust. Unfortunately, the prices of said food is often robust. There are still deals to be had though and some of Disneyland’s classic snacks fit the bill! In this post, we’ll give our top ten snacks under ten dollars at Disneyland Resort.

There’s no shortage of quality options to choose from when you’re trying to find a snack under ten bucks. Guests often pay a premium for anything at a theme park but you can still fill up your stomach for a decent price. Or, you know, there’s also sweets that won’t fill up your stomach but will taste delicious anyway. I should mention that a large portion of Disneyland’s counter-service meals fall in the 10-15 dollar range. In the future I might go with a best counter-service value meal but for today we’ll stick to snacks.

Lemon dole whip Pixar Pier DCA

Admittedly, this list is a little light on California Adventure options. Maybe I have a blind spot here or maybe the park needs better snack options? If you have any favorites then let us know in the comments! Likewise, I tried to have a mix of classics and lesser known items. In this day and age, it’s a little hard to have things fly under the radar but not everything is at the level of Disneyland Churros.

I did order these from 10 to 1 but have gone back and forth on that order. Some of this is my opinion, some of it is the popularity of the item. This also comes down to what you’re hungry for! Let’s get to the list.

10. Tatooine Sunset (Ronto Roasters) and Ramone’s “Pear of Dice” Soda (Cozy Cone Motel 1) – $5.99 and $4.99

We’ll get this one out of the way quickly, as a drink probably isn’t a snack. But when it’s hot, you’re sweating and really just want something to cool you down then these are great options. The Tatooine Sunset is a fruity tea that you can get in Galaxy’s Edge. It’s delicious and our favorite drink in Disneyland. Over in California Adventure, the drink we come back to is the Pear of Dice Soda at the Cozy Cone. The knock on it here is that it’s a little too sweet but it’s still a crisp drink with great flavor.

SWGE drinks DL

9. Kids Meals – $8-$10

This is a bit broad but honestly one of our best hacks! Kids Meals at Disneyland are one of the best values you can find, typically with a main option, side and small drink. Whether you feel okay about ordering this as a full grown adult might be another story but we’ve never had any trouble doing so. Our favorites include the Salmon Teriyaki Bowl at Tangaroa Terrace at the Disneyland Hotel and the Chicken Fenders at Flo’s in DCA.

8. Disneyland Churro – $5.00

Others would have this higher and I get it. Churros at Disneyland really are better than others I’ve had. Every once in a while you’ll get a stale one but those fresh, warm ones are heavenly. They are also the cheapest snack on this list. These exist throughout the resort (ones that come with dipping sauce cost a little more) with our favorite stand being by the castle in Disneyland.

7. Corn Dog (Little Red Wagon) – $9.79

At one point in time, these would have been at the top of the list. The last couple of times I’ve ordered the famous corn dog, it’s been a bit too greasy even if it was delicious. That brings me to the question of if these corn dogs were always this greasy or if I’m just getting older. There’s only one answer I’d like that to be and I’m not sure if it’s correct so we’ll just move along. Even when you factor in the aging grease (let’s hope I don’t use that phrase again) these are still some of the best corn dogs around.

Little Red Wagon corn dog DL

6. Raspberry Rose Mickey Macaron (Jolly Holiday Bakery) – $5.99

A few different Jolly Holiday treats could have made the list! The Matterhorn Macaroon ($3.49) is cute and one of the cheapest snacks in Disneyland. Their muffins and breakfast sandwiches are also affordable, quality options. But the Raspberry Rose Mickey Macaron is a favorite. With buttercream and raspberries tucked inside of two pink Mickey shaped cookies, the macaron is substantial and packs a lot of flavor. It’s sharable in that it’s very sweet and rich. This is one of our favorite sweet options!

5. Baked Potato at Troubadour Tavern – $9.49

If this was open more consistently and had a standard menu it might finish in the top 3. This place sells baked potatoes and they’re delicious. Currently, it only offers a sweet baked potato but traditionally offers three options. We’ve always enjoyed them and they are big enough for a whole meal. If in need of something more substantial then this is a great way to go!

Loaded baked potato Troubador Tavern DL

4. Chili Cone Queso (Cozy Cone Motel 3) – $9.99

Another savory option here, as this is a bread cone filled with chili, Fritos and cheese. It’s delicious and a perfect, filling snack for a slightly cooler day. The bread cones are usually fresh but I have gotten an older one every now and then. Even with that, the chili is good and this will give you plenty of energy during the mid-afternoon sleepiness.

3. 6 Mickey-shaped Beignets (Mint Julep Bar) – $8.49

Another Disneyland classic, the beignets live up to the hype. They are always delicious and one of the best sharable desserts in Disneyland. If you order the 6 pack, then you can get 3 of the original and 3 of the seasonal flavor if you so choose. You can also just order 3 for less money but, come on, seize the day! Eat as much unhealthy stuff as possible!

Mickey Beignets Sassagoula POFQ

2. Chimichanga – $6.99

I rave about the chimichanga pretty often on this site so I don’t feel the need to wax poetic. The best calorie to price ratio at Disneyland Resort is a deep fried tortilla packed to the brim with beans. It’s not sexy but it gets the job done. Calling it a snack is generous as you won’t be hungry for a while after eating it.

1. Dole Whip Float – $6.79

I’m not going to catch anyone off guard with this one. I’m also writing this post in the dead of summer so Dole Whips feel like a given. Whether you prefer the float like me or just go with the classic, the Pineapple ice cream is light and delicious. There are other flavors around at Tropical Hideaway if you’d rather. While not actually a Dole Whip, the Lemon Soft Serve in DCA is also fantastic. This is a Disney rite of passage that shouldn’t be missed!

Dole Whip table DL

With deepest respect to Ghirardelli, funnel cakes, hot dogs and more, that’s our list! Let us know your favorite snacks in the comments below!

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