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Poultry Palace Review

Poultry Palace is a counter-service restaurant in Disney California Adventure. Located in Pixar Pier, this kiosk location serves a mix of snacks and meals including, you guessed it, turkey and chicken! Since it’s not a full-fledged restaurant, there isn’t a DVC or Magic Key discount offered. In this post, we’ll cover Poultry Palace’s cuisine, value and atmosphere.

Poultry Palace front DCA

Pixar Pier has a very strange approach to dining compared to other theme park lands. When you enter the land, there’s the excellent Lamplight Lounge as a table-service restaurant and then the rest of the offerings are kiosks or snack stands. I guess that fits the pier theme and is part of the infrastructure of Paradise Pier transitioning to Pixar Pier. Still, the oddball references to Pixar films slapped on the ordering counters is forgettable, at best. Most prominent among those quick-service spots is Poultry Palace.

Here’s how the Disney website describes Poultry Palace:

“Discover the crown jewel of the midway’s culinary offerings at this eye-catching, walk-up stall.”

The phrase ‘crown jewel’ describing Poultry Palace is hilarious. I give the Disneyland and Disney World websites a hard time often, generally because of how frequently I run into broken pages. Usually the descriptions and photos of things are somewhat helpful albeit a little fluffy. Describing a place that looks like a giant lunch box and serves Chicken Drumsticks along with snacks that you can get elsewhere at Disneyland Resort as a ‘crown jewel’ of anything is absurd. Adorable Snowman Frosted Treats and Angry Dogs definitely take exception. As do jewels.

Poultry Palace side DCA

All this to say, Poultry Palace is a weird little spot to get standard theme park fare. As I mentioned, the little shack is shaped like a lunch box. To be more accurate, it looks like one of those boxes that a happy meal comes in and that’s exactly what it’s going for.

Poultry Palace is in reference to the animated short ‘Small Fry‘ and is in the Toy Story universe. Again, it’s fairly strange that this is what they grasped onto but maybe Pixar is short on food references? (Checks notes, sees Ratatouille) I don’t know, guys.

Poultry Palace weird bird DCA

I do like this strange logo they’ve come up with. Could I have an unnecessarily elaborate backstory on Sir Poultry Knight? Where is the rest of his body? Assuming he has a body, can he still fly with that helmet weighing him down? Does the eye shield ever pinch his beak? We also run into a worrisome conundrum. Are we celebrating Sir Poultry Knight while eating his friends? Are we eating Sir Poultry Knight himself? Why are you still reading this review?

Like other quick spots in Pixar Pier, the restaurant doesn’t really have specific seating. There are benches and a few tables within a moderate amount of steps. I’d recommend, if you choose to eat at this crown jewel, finding a spot by the water while watching Incredicoaster zoom by. Overall, the place fits in with the area even if it is a bit audacious.

Moving on to the menu! Outside of the first option, nothing is unique to Poultry Palace. That’s not to say those options aren’t good. People, not me, swear by the Turkey Leg. I’m over here standing with the chimichanga, which is one of the options we ordered.

Poultry Palace chimichanga DCA

I’ve raved about these things before so I won’t go into detail. At $6.99, this is the best calorie/cost value in the park. I find them delicious but I’m not sure many others would agree. A small tip: you can get a small discount on these at Edelweiss Snacks in Disneyland if you’re a DVC or Magic Key member. You can’t do that at Poultry Palace. The discount isn’t enough to justify the walk but just a head’s up.

Poultry Palace box DCA

As for the unique Chicken Drumstick Box option, it comes in this. Honestly, this is a cool little souvenir. It’s got our knight on it and everything.

Poultry Palace chicken DCA

This is what’s in the box and I won’t beat around the bush. This is not good. Disneyland Resort has plenty of good fried chicken, notably at Flo’s and Plaza Inn. Poultry Palace doesn’t hold a candle to those. The drumsticks here had a seasoning that gave off a grainy texture more than it did any flavor. It tasted fine but that was after adding barbecue sauce, I didn’t like them plain at all. The slaw had a strong acidity to it and just didn’t have any flavor beyond that.

At $10.99, this is a bad value. Going back to the other fried chicken, spend more money and get those. Flo’s even has chicken tenders at a similar price that are much better than this.

Frankly, there’s no reason to go to Poultry Palace unless you’re in the area and in the mood for a Chimichanga, Corn on the Cob or a Turkey Leg. There’s other places to get those snacks and nothing special about the Poultry Palace version of them. I don’t recommend getting the Chicken Drumstick Box. Poultry Palace is simply there, taking up some space and giving us plenty of questions to ponder.

Poultry Palace menu DCA

Overall Rating – 5/10

Have you tried Poultry Palace? Let us know your thoughts, along with any questions you might have, in the comments below! Planning a trip to Disneyland? Check out our Planning Guide here. If you enjoy what you are reading here on Wandering in Disney please share this post with your friends, as well as like our social media pages. You can also subscribe to the blog via WordPress or email. All of those links are on the right side of this page. Thank you for reading, we really appreciate it!

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