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Oga’s Cantina Review

Oga’s Cantina is a bar in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, located in Disneyland and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The Cantina is an obvious nod to those depicted in the Star Wars franchise, notably Mos Eisley, and is one of the most popular spots in the land. This review will cover a couple of drinks and snacks offered at Oga’s, thoughts on the environment, and ultimately if the bar is worth visiting or not.

DJ Rex Oga's Cantina SWGE DL bar

Upon opening, Oga’s Cantina was the most popular place in Galaxy’s Edge. The bar used a standby line and the lines were much longer than Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run. Since that time Oga’s Cantina has moved to reservations only instead of accepting walk-ins. On the bright side, Oga’s is open from park open to park close and they cycle guests in and out quickly. That makes for quite a few reservations throughout the day. Of course, it still is very popular so get a reservation ASAP if you decide to go. They are currently available 60 days in advance of your reservation.

We checked in at Oga’s Cantina shortly before our reservation time and then stood in line for a while after that. In our case, the reservation system almost worked as a check-in for the standby line – somewhat like a FastPass reservation but the attraction only accepted FastPasses. I assume this is how the system works all of the time so be prepared to wait for a little bit even with a reservation.

Oga's Cantina from seat DL SWGE

Once inside, the appeal is obvious. While Oga’s isn’t an exact replica of Mos Eisley, it certainly feels similar to the iconic Star Wars bar. That in and of itself is most of the appeal here and enough for some people to go without thinking twice about the drinks or snacks. There’s loud music being played that sounds distinctly Star Wars. Strange creatures sit behind the bar and the architecture is incredibly similar to what we’ve seen on the big screen.

The bar offers a mix of standing tables and booths to sit at. I imagine you can request one if you’re willing to wait a little longer but we weren’t given an option and ended up at a booth. The booths sit about eight people and, unless you have a big group, you’ll likely be sat with some strangers. This isn’t the case post-reopening but we expect it to get back to that soon. I’m usually pretty shy but I enjoyed this aspect of sitting next to strangers. Our table was a nice mix of bewilderment at the prices and excitement at the environment. It was fun to hear where everyone was from and listen to the different conversations taking place.

Oga's DJ Rex SWGE DL

The one downside in terms of the seating in Oga’s is that none of the people at the tables are aliens, bounty hunters or some other species. That’s kind of a joke but also is a negative from the experience, relative to what we’ve seen from the movies. With an already limited capacity it’s easy to understand why there aren’t bounty hunter characters taking up seats or audio-animatronic aliens enjoying the atmosphere. But it does hinder Oga’s from taking the next step and being one of the best theme park experiences out there.

Outside of that drawback, the details are outstanding. Rex, formerly of Star Tours fame, is the DJ at Oga’s and plays some ‘cantina’ music. The bar is expertly themed, being both functional while inducing bewilderment. Oga’s is full of color and nails the out-of-this-world feeling.

Oga's Cantina menu DL SWGE

As for the menu, there’s a decent assortment of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. There isn’t much in the way of snacks as the bar offers what amounts to a charcuterie board (Happabore Sampler) and a pub mix (Batuu Bites). With a somewhat captive audience, the prices are a little bit higher than most Disney bars. Alcoholic drinks average around $16 while non-alcoholic stays around the $7 mark. In other words, this is a pretty bad value.

Drink Oga's Cantina SWGE DL

I tried The Outer Rim, which is largely a margarita with fruit puree on top. The drink is sweeter than a typical margarita, largely due to that puree. I should add the caveat that I’m fairly picky on alcoholic drinks and, for the most part, don’t like anything too strong. Having said that, I do like most margaritas and The Outer Rim was excellent. If you’re looking for something strong, this probably isn’t the drink for you. In fact, Oga’s might not be the place to look for that in general. The Outer Rim was a nice combination of sweet and salty with a little bit of a kick. I loved the fruit puree, which I believe was mango, as that added a good amount of flavor to the drink. The coasters and presentation for all the drinks were cool and I especially liked this one.

Juice SWGE Oga's Cantina DL

Melissa went with the Jabba Juice, a non-alcoholic drink. This is orange juice with pineapple, kiwi, cantaloupe and blueberry boba. We both thought the drink was good but not great, verging on being a little too sweet. This was also the least impressive of the drink presentations.

Fuzzy Tauntaun Oga's Cantina DL

In return trips, I found my favorite drink to be the Fuzzy Tauntaun. This will leave your mouth feeling quite tingly but is also delicious once you’re past the foam. It’s a very sweet drink with both Peach Schnapps and Vodka, to go with other fruit juices. This will definitely be too sweet for some and is probably a little low on alcohol, especially relative to the price. That does mean it is right up my alley though. It’s also a fun drink to introduce people to and see their bewilderment at what the foam does to their mouths.

Oga's Cantina Batuu Bites SWGE DL

We did order the Batuu Bites and liked them pretty well. I won’t break down everything in there but it was a nice combination of spice and salt to offset the sweet drinks. Quite a few elements of the Batuu Bites were spicy to warn those who don’t like that sort of thing. While the snack wasn’t anything too exciting it was 10:30 in the morning and having a Margarita with an empty stomach moments before riding the Matterhorn wouldn’t have been my best idea. The Batuu Bites were decent but I’m not sure that I would get them again unless I was very hungry.

In terms of price, the drinks I’ve tried are $16 and $17, Melissa’s came in at $7 and the snack was $8. I assumed that there’s an uptick in price for the cocktails seeing how this was the only place to get alcohol in Disneyland but the prices are very similar to Carthay Circle Lounge in California Adventure and elsewhere in Walt Disney World. Obviously, that comparison is far from perfect but the prices are similar. We went to Trader Sam’s later in the day and the prices there were a few dollars cheaper, for what it’s worth.

Oga's Cantina bar SWGE DL

There is a 45-minute and 2 drink max at Oga’s. I would be willing to call this a negative but we didn’t run into any issues with it. The service was excellent and fast so we were left with plenty of time for our drinks, snack and then walking around. While the place is ornately detailed, it’s also small so there’s only so much you can look at. As far as a drink minimum, I have no idea if you can go in the cantina without ordering something. Personally, I would feel awkward even trying it but I imagine if you entered the bar and immediately started wandering around there’d be no questions asked. If you’re willing to try it then this is probably the way to go. The food and drinks here are nothing to write home about and you can find better elsewhere, either in the parks or out.

While I wouldn’t say anything on the menu is incredible although I have a fondness for the Fuzzy Tauntaun, Oga’s was still a really enjoyable experience. It barely misses the mark of being a must-do every time, but I’ll happily go backover and over again. Of course, Galaxy’s Edge is a favorite land of mine and that certainly plays a role in my thoughts on the bar.

Oga's Cantina outside night DL

For those that don’t care about Star Wars, I think Oga’s will be somewhat divisive. If you enjoy bars then you’ll probably like Oga’s. Taking the Star Wars out of it, this is an intimate, crowded, and loud setting. That’s not everyone’s thing but I still think the environment is worth exploring. If you’re simply looking for a place to drink and hang out with friends then there are better places to go, assuming you don’t care about Star Wars.

Overall, I enjoyed Oga’s but I wasn’t wowed. There’s an allure to the bar as it reminds me of my childhood and all of those movies that I (sometimes) adore. This could have been a home run if there were a few characters roaming or sitting around but instead the cantina settles in with a solid double. Oga’s is a stellar and important piece of Galaxy’s Edge but just narrowly misses being a main highlight.

Oga's Cantina ceiling bar SWGE DL

Overall Rating – 9/10

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    • If there’s a chance to request a certain place to stand/sit in the cantina, where would you recommend I ask for? My group will be 4 adults. Would love a good view of DJ Rex. Best standing and also sitting option?

      • Good question! I’d probably ask to stand if getting a good look around is important throughout your time there. The booths are kind of built into the wall so it’s not as easy to get a view of the whole place.
        That said, the waiters tell you that you’re more than welcome to get up and walk around as much as you want after you’re finished with your drink so don’t feel like you’ll miss out if you are seated. There’s not much downside to either option.

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