Ranking the Disneyland Resort Hot Dogs

Hey Wanderers, it’s Darin here with another ridiculous post. It’s been a while. How are you? I’m fine. Anyways, during my latest trip to Disneyland Resort where I went for three days in the beginning of May, I noticed that the two Parks, Disneyland and California Adventure, had an overabundance of hot dogs on their menus. Even outside of the park there are places like Wienerschnitzel satisfying everyone’s hot dog needs. My father and sister’s boyfriend, who joined us on the last day, had recently had good hot dogs outside of the park. It must be a California thing to enjoy these unbeloved foods. So I decided, as a fan of a good hot dog myself, to check out what all the fuss was about. I (tried) to go to every hot dog place and at least try one menu item.

6. Corn Dog Castle (DCA)

I’ll have to rank Corn Dog Castle last for telling me that their establishment was closed at 5:42 PM. From my research they close at nine, so this led me to tons of confusion. I wasn’t as excited for the corn dog, but for ranking purposes I found this moment fairly disappointing.

5. Pluto’s Dog House (DL)

I promise I ate four hot dogs, but I never set foot in to ToonTown. Therefore I did not make it to Pluto’s Dog House. When I Google searched “Hot Dogs at Disneyland” this place did not come up. It does now for some reason, but that’s beside the point. The real reason this is above Corn Dog Castle is the kind of cute name and (probably) being open past 5:30.

4. Angry Dogs (DCA)

Oh, I ate this. To be perfectly honest this was the dog I was most excited about. The main item is the aforementioned “Angry Dog” which is a spicy hot dog. The heat was not turned up for this dog, but also the hot dog just tasted plain. This comes with “hot fries” which is just Flamin’ Hot Cheeto Fries. Those taste like styrofoam with a ton of spices on them. You could also order a plain dog amusingly tilted “Slightly Annoyed Dog.” The most interesting part here is the condiments, you have your classics like ketchup, Mustard and so on. You can also get buffalo sauce on your dog.

3. Refreshment Corner (DL)

Things get better with Refreshment Corner, though I do have to point out the title of this place is incredibly boring. What’s not boring is what I got here. I got the Mac & Cheese Dog Basket. It’s pretty self explanatory, they cover a hot dog with mac and cheese as well as some bacon bits. You can get a bag of chips or apple slices. I suggest getting apples because it’s healthy and if you’re scarfing down dogs the whole trip you’ll feel better after eating some fruit (Editor’s note: is anyone actually doing this?). The wiener here is really good, juicy and plump. The mac and cheese is not the best I’ve ever had, but decent enough for a completely enjoyable meal. There are other options here like a plain dog and chili cheese.  Some other items are on the menu, but we’re only focused on hot dogs here.

2. Little Red Wagon (DL)

I think the corn dog at Little Red Wagon is a bit overrated, just a bit though. I still love it and look forward to it every single trip. The wagon just sells the corn dog which comes with apple slices or chips. The food is spectacular. I think corn dogs are one of the hardest foods to make a good version of, along with chicken tenders. I remember your fearless leader talking up a storm with the Wagon, he said it was really good. I did not believe him, yet I got one and loved it. They nail the crispness of the batter and the wiener is not half bad. It may be overpriced, but that hasn’t stopped me from getting it every time.

1. Award Wieners (DCA)

When I first saw Award Wieners, I laughed. For mostly immature reasons, but also it being a weird place. It takes up too much room, it’s in the lamest part of California Adventure and it honestly doesn’t look that great. Despite all that this place has the best dogs to offer and a wide array of choices. There are six different kinds of hot dogs. I had the plain All-Beef Hot Dog. I wanted to know how the weiner was on its own. It was the best hot dog I had on my trip. The bun was a little different, it was toasted and the bread was way better than any of the others. The fries here, called Filmstrip Fries were very good as well. They were somewhere between curly and steak fries if that makes any sense. Unfortunately, I did not get to eat any other hot dogs here, but my sister and her boyfriend had a couple dogs and would not shut up about how good it was, making me insanely jealous I did not get anything else. You can eat a BBQ dog, Bacon Street or Chili which I remember enjoying on a  previous trip. The most interesting, and what my family got, was the spicy dog which is covered in queso fresco and pico de gallo and the Portobello Mushroom Philly dog with grilled mushrooms, bell peppers and pepper jack cheese. On my next trip to Disneyland Resort I will make these dogs a priority.

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