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Overrated, Underrated, Properly Rated – Classic Disney Parks Snacks

In this era of Instagram and selfies, Disney Park snacks have become very popular. Many of them were popular long before ‘selfies’ became a thing but now it’s hard to bring up Disney Parks without someone mentioning Dole Whip, Churros or Mickey Ice Cream Bars. That’s all well and good but, well, some of those snacks really aren’t that good. We’re bringing back a classic game today to break down whether some of the Disney Park’s classic snacks are either overrated, underrated or properly rated.

Obviously, my food tastes are not your food tastes. Much of this post is done in jest. Go on vacation and spend your money on whatever food that looks good to you, not what some blogger says is underrated. But, for those that need a little bit of direction on what classic snacks to try or stay away from then I’m here for you! I’ll be looking at a number of factors when considering what label to give each snack including price, taste, value, and uniqueness (I checked, that’s a real word). Let’s get to it!

Churro – Overrated
We’ll start off with a few controversial pick, with the churro possibly being the most controversial. Let me be clear, I’m not anti-churro. I do enjoy eating them regardless of my location. But the ones at Disney Parks are just a tiny bit better than Costco Churros. Costco sells their churros for a dollar and I’ve always thought that’s fair. Disney doesn’t sell anything for a dollar. Churros are more than five dollars. Save your money, these aren’t that great. If you really need to, take an uber to the nearest Costco.

Mickey Pretzel – Overrated
Not all overrated’s are created equally. Churros are simply a bad value at Disney Parks. Mickey Pretzels aren’t exactly a steal but they’re more in line with your local Auntie Anne’s. Mickey Pretzels are around $7 and aren’t significantly better (they’re worse) than the local mall chain. The pretzels in Epcot’s Germany Pavilion are better than Mickey pretzels if you’re in Walt Disney World.

Dole Whip – Properly Rated
Dole Whip is the most famous of Disney snacks. Although it’s easier to find in the outside world than it used to be, the Pineapple Soft-Serve will always feel uniquely Disney to me and many others. While being unique, this snack is also far more delicious than the previous ones I’ve mentioned. The Pineapple Float (Pineapple Juice and Pineapple Soft-Serve) is my preferred option and it’s a sweet snack while also being light and refreshing on a hot day. Everyone talks about Dole Whip but that’s warranted, it’s delicious and not a bad value relative to other Disney snacks.

Turkey Leg – Properly Rated
Turkey Legs are pretty expensive and not appealing to me but they fall under the ‘Properly Rated’ category because most Disney Park goers seem pretty split on this snack. Whenever someone sees a Turkey Leg they immediately know if they want one or not. For some, it’s disgusting. For others, it’s a generous amount of meat on a bone and that’s certainly appealing. Therefore, Turkey Legs are properly rated because they are exactly what you think they are and no inflated price will get in their way!

Mickey Ice Cream Bar – Overrated
Mickey Ice Cream Bars are tasty and I don’t even like ice cream very much (blasphemy, I know). But, ice cream bars in general are too accessible and cheap for me to consider putting Mickey Ice Cream Bars in a different category. I won’t scoff at them like the churros, but there are better and more original ice cream treats at Disney Parks.

Popcorn cart carousel TDL

Popcorn – Overrated & Properly Rated
Two categories?! This is unheard of! Popcorn in the American Disney Parks is not worth the money and is overpriced, just like at movie theaters. Properly Rated enters the equation here when considering specialty flavors, specifically at Tokyo Disney Resort. Trying all of those flavors is genuinely fun and many of them are delicious. Those popcorn stands are very popular so it earns the ‘Properly Rated’ tag. Specialty popcorn flavors are starting to make there way over to the US Disney Parks so there is hope for popcorn stands to ride themselves of the overrated label. Still, it costs way more than it should.

Zebra Domes (Animal Kingdom Lodge) – Underrated
For a while, Zebra Domes were starting to become fairly popular at Disney World. They are a specialty snack only served at Animal Kingdom Lodge. I think they’re delicious and them being unique earns them an underrated label. They are served at Boma, for dessert, and the counter-service restaurant, The Mara.

Disneyland Corn Dogs – Underrated
It’s hard to believe the iconic Disneyland Corn Dog (Little Red Wagon) could be considered underrated at this point but it hits a few important categories. First, the corn dog is the coveted meal under $10 at Disneyland. I wouldn’t say it’s a great value or anything but if you’re looking to save money then this is a decent option. Second and more importantly, this is truly the best corn dog I’ve ever had. Nothing else on this list can claim that. Therefore, underrated!

School Bread (Epcot) – Underrated
Served in the Norway Pavilion at Epcot, School Bread is a classic ‘Snacking Around the World’ treat. School Bread is delicious and a good treat for under $5. While it’s a little heavy for a snack, this pastry, with custard inside and icing with coconut on top, is unique and delicious.

Mickey Beignets – Properly Rated
Mickey Beignets are wonderful little pieces of dough covered with powdered sugar. They are wonderful in New Orleans Square at Disneyland, best at Cafe Orleans in Disneyland, and just pretty good at Port Orleans – French Quarter (Disney World). They cost a little bit more than they should and the Disney World version isn’t worth making a special trip for but… The Disneyland versions are some of my favorite Disney snacks around so it earns the ‘Properly Rated’ category.

Green Alien Mochi (Tokyo Disney Resort) – Underrated
This very photogenic snack at Tokyo Disney Resort is fantastic. This is probably my favorite sweet snack on this list. The Little Green Aliens (dumplings made of pounded rice cake) are filled with chocolate, strawberry and custard cream. They are delicious, fairly cheap and the cutest food around.

Mickey Waffles – Overrated
Mickey Pretzels are at least the same size as standard soft pretzels so they’re fine. Mickey Waffles are smaller than regular waffles and cost way more. The ones at buffets have usually sat there for too long. Frankly, I’ve just never had a good Mickey Waffle so OVERRATED!

Citrus Swirl (Magic Kingdom) – Underrated
For those unaware, Magic Kingdom has Dole Whip’s cousin Citrus Swirl. If Pineapple Soft-Serve isn’t your thing then perhaps Orange and Vanilla Swirl is? To be honest, I like Dole Whip more but the Citrus Swirl is refreshing and delicious. It’s not a terrible price either. Because it’s often overshadowed by Dole Whip, Citrus Swirl is underrated.

Mickey Beignets Sassagoula POFQ

What are your favorite Disney snacks? Did you agree with my overrated, underrated and properly rated picks? Let us know in the comments!
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  1. Fun to read, Andrew! I wanted to read more.
    My favorite snack ever was a napolean at the bakery in Hollywood Studios. I’m not sure the bakery is there anymore, but it was amazing!

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