Questions of the Week

Question of the Week (4/7/19)

Every few weeks our writers get together and answer a Disney related question. Here is this week’s edition of Question of the Week!

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: You know those “Unpopular Opinion” things that are really popular on social media right now? Let’s do that. What’s an unpopular opinion you have about Disney Parks and please explain.

Andrew – I don’t like character meet & greets and think they’re a waste of time. Obviously, I’m not the target audience for most of these interactions and kids will have a much better time than I will. I find meeting face characters (like the queens) very awkward as it’s kind of like making small talk with a really strange adult. Meeting masked characters is more fun but still not something that is worth any time to me. My ideal scenario would be to have characters wandering around the park, meeting guests in organic ways. Of course, that’s not always feasible but I’d definitely like to see it implemented more than it is.

MK 7 Dwarfs us MNSSHP

Melissa L. – My unpopular opinion is that I think It’s a Small World is a great ride and even better when you sing along! Now, I feel with those that frequent Disney, it’s a small world has gained some credit back for being iconic, but if you take a poll of people walking around a city, I’m pretty sure they’d say the ride song is annoying and people choose to skip that ride while they are at the parks. But not me, I think it’s a masterpiece and shows how every person in our world belongs.

IASW full building TDL

Melissa C. – Unpopular opinion: FastPass isn’t worth it for all of the rides that it’s offered on.

I think that the rides that have it do need it because they often have long lines. However, some lines aren’t set up for the system to be used as wisely and it feels like you waste a FastPass only to jump a very short section of the line. For example, Indiana Jones definitely get long, but unless you’re there during a crazy time when the line is winding far outside the temple the FastPass doesn’t even let you pass most of the line.

Leslie – Unpopular opinion. Some of the Confectionary creations are not worth it. Both in dollar and taste, but mostly in dollar. Having served and created these Confectionary treats which have upwards of an $11 price tag it’s honestly better to save the money for a souvenir you can take home. The apples are comparable to the ones you can make at home (exception being those made at the Karamell-Küche Werther‘s shop in Epcot), the chocolate covered pineapple almost always falls apart wasting the chocolate and leaving you with a pineapple spear, and the rice crispy treats while cute are easily made at home. Mickey bars while a cute novelty and yes I enjoy them from nostalgia are definitely something I could pass one compared to one of the many ice cream shops available (Salt & Straw being one of my new favorites in Downtown Disney California). Am I saying it’s bad to get these things? No cause Apple pie apples taste wonderful and I have not managed to figure out the mixture to make them in my own home. I am saying these goodies are overhyped and should not be a big of a focus as they are.


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