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Question of the Week (7/31/18)

Every few weeks our writers get together and answer a Disney related question.  Here is this week’s edition.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: As a follow-up to our latest post, what are two things on your Disney bucket list? One big goal and one smaller goal that’s easier to accomplish.

Mackenzie – I have so many Disney goals. My ultimate dream is to go to Club 33 in Disneyland.  Another more doable goal is to take some tours at any of the parks.

Melissa – This doesn’t fall quite into the Disney goal category, but it is definitely a Disney Dream of mine! I’d love to stay one night in the Cinderella Castle Dream Suite in Magic Kingdom. Can you imagine getting to sleep overnight in one of the most magical places on earth?! But, since I don’t see much reality in this Dream coming true since you’d have to be pretty lucky, I wouldn’t consider it a true “goal”. So, instead I’ll say my biggest Disney goal is to visit all of the Disney parks. Andrew mentions this in this latest post, but I’d have to say this is at the top of my bucket list. As for a smaller, more accomplishable goal, I think it would be really fun to do a Fantasmic dinner package that includes prime seating to enjoy one of the best shows at the parks!

Mickey and dragon Fantasmic! TDS

Andrew – As I mentioned in the latest post, going to all of the Disney Parks is on the top of my bucket list. Since that’s cheating I’ll come up with two new additions to the list. My big one would to get to go into a Disney Park at sunrise and take photos. I’d prefer to do that in one of the Tokyo parks but anywhere would be fine. Seeing how I have no idea on a way to make this happen, I’ll put this as the big item. For a smaller item, I’d like to do the Christmas Party at either Disneyland or Disney World. Melissa and I both love the Halloween Party and are eager to try the Christmas version out. It will likely happen this year!

Purple Castle Christmas Lights MK

Leslie – I think one of my Disney goals that’s more easily attainable would be to do a Disney Cruise. I think it would be a fun way to cruise and enjoy myself.
Like Andrew and Melissa though I’d probably say going to all the different Disney parks is the dream, though to be different being a homeowner in Golden Oak would be lovely too. Definitely not financially attainable for me at this time but definitely a dream.

Darin – I think my big goal would be to visit all the Disney parks around the world. I wouldn’t really care if it was bad or lesser because, come on, it’s a Disney Park. For my small goal I would like to do every ride in Magic Kingdom in one day. Other parks, like Hollywood Studios or Epcot would be easy. MK though would be a challenge. I don’t know why I want to do this so bad, but I think it would be fun.

Dancing bear CBJ MK

Matthew – I guess I need to start making more goals, because not much is coming to mind. The one definite item on the list is staying at the Boardwalk Hotel. I remember walking through its lobby one night on one of my first trips to Disney World. That night it had a vibrant, old-time feel to it, with tons of entertainment and people having a great time. Combined with the great location and being a beautiful place, it’s had me wanting to stay there ever since. Lucky for me, that dream will come true next summer when we get to stay there on a big family trip! Some other things that aren’t quite bucket list level, but are getting close: visiting DisneySea, staying at the Wilderness Lodge and Animal Kingdom Lodge, and staying at one of the Disneyland hotels. I’d also love to experience a Mary Poppins ride or show, but that doesn’t exist, so I’m going to need a lot of help there.


Cassie – My bucket list is simple: visit more parks. It’s bonkers being such a Disney fan and having only been to the California parks. Short term bucket: I certainly have high hopes to go to Disney World as soon as the opportunity presents itself. Long term bucket: visit an international park.

There are some of our bucket list items, what is on yours?  Let us know in the comments!  You can read more Questions of the Week here.  If you enjoy what you’re reading please subscribe to the blog and like our social media pages, all of which you can find on the right side of this page.  Have a great day!

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  1. I would really love to be involved in the creation of a new attraction. Anything from concept, opinion, QA, PM, to general laborer. I would just like to see something like that turn from dirt to attraction.

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