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Question of the Week (3/11/18)

Every few weeks our writers all answer a Disney related question.  Here is the latest installment of Question of the Week!  This week got away from me and I take no responsibility for some of these answers…

Question of the Week: Our last question was too nice, time for the inverse. What don’t you miss about Disney Parks?

Cassie – I don’t like that I usually blow my budget. On a typical Disney day (when I lived in CA) I would usually leave the house saying “Ok, I will only spend $50 today.” Between gas, parking, meals, drinks, and always needing those darn cute souvenirs, I almost always over do it. I think Disneyland is a perfect place to over indulge, but it’s easy to get off track with money and it’s certainly not a cheap place to visit. Along those lines, I also don’t like spending $4 on a soda. So yeah, basically I don’t miss Disney taking my money. They’ve taken a lot, and will get a lot more in the future!

Astro Orbiter castle

Darin – Spike Jonze’s HER features several scenes where Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix) is talking to his new computer girlfriend Samantha (Scarlet Johansson) passing countless people that are also distracted by their new tech friends. No one is having a face to face conversation, they are not saying “Hello” or “Goodbye”, no one is even nodding to each other. While Jonze is giving us some social commentary here, this is my heaven not having to make human contact. While at a Disney Park I always find myself wearing a pin of some sort (birthday, anniversary or whatever), I don’t know how it happens, but it does. This forces the cast members to tell me happy birthday or congratulations. This then forces me, because of politeness, to awkwardly stumble to find the correct response. Right now I know it’s “Thanks” or even “Thank you” but when the pressure is on and my social anxiety takes over I can’t help but make a fool of myself. It’s nice to get home and hide in my own home.
Editor’s note – This is a non-issue, just take off the buttons.

Melissa H. – I will admit that this one was super tricky because most of the things that I don’t miss really have nothing to do with the parks… Just things that are pet peeves of mine in general. Even though it kind of has to do with crowds, I definitely don’t like having to be “aggressive” with other park goers. The way that seating for the night-time shows is structured is a prime example of this. You have to be willing to stake a claim to your spot and keep big. I’m not the type of person who likes having to do things like this because 1 ) I feel super rude and 2) It stinks when you do let your guard down and someone squeezes in right in front of you. I think what frustrates me the most about the whole thing is that I can’t think of a better way for Disney to do it other than having assigned seating by fastpass tickets.. And even that would be messy!

Wishes sparklers

Mackenzie – This is a hard question because my answer has to do with crowds. But I get extremely claustrophobic when I’m surrounded by people. I also don’t like trying to navigate through crowds because I don’t know which way the person in front of me is going. Maybe I’m just an introvert tired of people because my favorite time in the park is at night after most people have gone home. Also I agree with Darin’s answer.

Melissa L. – I don’t miss my feet hurting at the end of the night! Man oh man, when you visit a Disney park you definitely over exceed your daily step count. While your step tracker may be happy with you, your feet aren’t! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t keep the fact that my feet are tired keep me from going, I certainly go all out. But it is something I really don’t miss about the parks!

Primeval Whirl fisheye

Andrew – I’m going to list things like last time. I don’t miss sweating non-stop. I don’t miss worrying that the drunk guy behind me is about to yak on me while I’m watching Illuminations at Epcot. I don’t miss DinoLand or A Bug’s Land. I don’t miss people using flash photography on attractions or talking really loud during shows. And I definitely don’t miss my ankles getting run over by strollers.

Leslie – I don’t like people who leave lines to get food or hold spaces in lines for other people. You leave the line you lose your place. I have a bit of forgiveness for children who need to use the restroom cause I get that. I have the same issue with folks saving spots for the parades or the fireworks. These are the things I don’t miss.

Gopher MK

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– Andrew

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  1. I agree with not missing sweating and my feet hurting especially while waiting for fireworks. I also don’t miss feeling woozy because of the last roller coaster I went on and I don’t miss dodging people who suddenly stop in front of me.

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