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Question of the Week (1/28/18)

Every few weeks our writers get together and answer a Disney related question.  Here is this week’s.

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Question of the Week: What are 2 things people should not do when at a Disney Park or planning a Disney vacation?

Mackenzie – Don’t wait until the last-minute to plan reservations or fast passes. Also, when planning a Walt Disney World vacation don’t constantly think you are going to something that is comparative to Disneyland. They are nowhere near the same size and people cannot not walk from park to park with the exception of Epcot and Hollywood Studios. ( I am saying this one because I am helping my parents plan their Walt Disney World trip and I am trying to get them to see Disney World as a whole different experience than Disneyland.)

Cars Land night as you go rock

Leslie – People should not be on their phone while waiting in line for a ride, talk to your party, enjoy the line queue, there are so many little details you might miss. The other is do not underestimate cost of things in the park. If you think you’ll get cold at night bring a sweatshirt, cause an unplanned $50 can mess up your budget, bring water bottles or pb&j into the park, ask for a free water cup at quick service or the Starbucks. You’ve already spent a bit to be there and probably budgeted out restaurants, so don’t let unexpected expenses bring you down.

No gophers sign MK

Andrew – My don’t for in the parks is simply don’t act like you’re the only one there. While we’re all guilty of this from time to time, simply try to minimize those times. If you need to stop and talk to your group try to move out of a walking path. If your kid can’t see the fireworks or a show, try to hold them at the same height that you are for the people behind you. If you have a stroller or motorized scooter please, for the love, watch out for people’s ankles. Again, I know that accidents happen but just be mindful of others around you.
My second choice is very different from my first and is also fairly simple. Don’t force yourself to do something because you are trying to experience ‘it all’. For example, getting to a park before it opens can be beneficial but if you enjoy sleeping then maybe don’t try to rope drop a park every single day. Or if you don’t like crowds try to plan to go to shows or spots where the crowds aren’t so suffocating. I guess a more apt way of putting this is to not put yourself in situations that you won’t enjoy. While this likely isn’t completely avoidable, especially with a group, try to compromise and plan ahead for those times.
I’m adding a 3rd one because, why not?  Don’t skimp on food.  If you can afford it, then pay the extra $5 or $10 for something you actually want rather than leaving for a fast food place or getting chicken strips at the parks.  There are good options that don’t cost much more and you will feel significantly better.

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Melissa – Everyone has had really good points so far. I’d have to say one thing to not do at a Disney Park is get upset when things don’t go your way. And what I mean by this is planning can only get you so far, but if a ride is unexpectedly closed or the souvenir you really wanted is sold out, don’t let those ruin your whole day. While the rides are amazing and I love my merch, my favorite memories at the park are those wandering with friends and family creating memories. If we get caught up in things not going your way, you are going to miss out on a truly magical day.
The second thing a guest should not do while at the parks is forget to eat! There are SO MANY great things to eat! Plus you are walking so much and need sustenance to keep your strength! If this is not a great excuse to eat to your heart’s content I don’t know what is! Try the food – it’s delicious!

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What are your “Do Not’s” at a Disney Park?  Let us know in the comments!  Thank you for reading Wandering in Disney.  If you like what you’re reading then please follow us on social media and subscribe to the blog.  You can do both of those things on the right side of this page.  Have a great day!

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    • These are just our own writers opinions. There’s nothing wrong with being on your phone in line as long as you’re still enjoying yourself. You may miss out on a few things here and there in some queues, I suppose.


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