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Question of the Week (12/17/17)

Every few weeks our writers get together and answer a Disney related question.  Enjoy this week’s version!

Grand Floridian christmas tree

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: It’s Christmas time and we’re in the spirit of giving. If you could give Disneyland and Disney World (you could do either or both) something for Christmas what would it be? I’ve heard it doesn’t matter how extravagant, it’s the heart that counts…

Blur castle wreath

Andrew – My presents are going to focus on things the parks don’t necessarily need but I think would be cool additions. It’s like how no one really wants socks for Christmas but we all need them at some point… I’m not going to give socks. Disney can buy their own socks.

For Disney World, I would give Hollywood Studios a new daytime show in the Fantasmic! theater. I think the park is pleasant enough at night and will be especially when Toy Story Land and Star Wars Land open, but could use a few more interesting shows during the day.

For Disneyland, I would give Tomorrowland a new, futuristic restaurant. All of the good food in Disneyland is on the left side of the park (New Orleans Square, Frontierland). It’s time to even this out a little bit and maybe a cool robot or space themed restaurant could do just that.

Christmas castle fireworks

Melissa – I think it would be fun to gift both parts with letters/pictures/ words from all of the world letting them know who Disney effected their life and made it better. It would be from people all of the world and then display them down main street for all the cast members and guests to read and be encouraged and enjoy!

Darin – I was going to be nice and make the Disney parks a card or buy it a gift card for itself, but I decided to go the passive aggressive route and get the parks a bunch of Wall-E stuff. It being my favorite Disney film I would enjoy it greatly if they would make a ride or even sell souvenirs that are based off the movie. I would get a Wall-E stuffed toy, a mug, etc. I would probably add a letter explaining my wish, because Christmas is the time to tell people how you really feel. I’d also probably make a shirt that said “The Great Wall-E Ride” or something. I don’t know. I’ll figure it out, I have a few days until Christmas.


Mackenzie – I would give any Disney park a day where they would shut down to the general public and only allow any kind of special needs to come and take over the parks. I would allow Disney the funds to accommodate any special needs. I would also have any and all characters out for them to meet. This would be like the Halloween party or Christmas party, they have special foods and characters out. This would be a day that anyone with special needs and their families to come and relax. In addiction, I would also like to make an area with low sensory. Many people/children can get overwhelmed by everything that happens in the parks and having an area with less sensory input would be helpful.

MK wreath

On that last note, Disney World does beautiful work with Give Kids The World.  This is a beautiful charity that gives vacations to those with life-threatening illnesses.  If you have a little extra this holiday season, this is an excellent charity.  Thank you!

Main Street tree MK

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