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Question of the Week (11/20/17)

Every few weeks our writers get together and answer a Disney related question.  Here is this week’s question and answers.

QUESTION OF THE WEEK: In honor of Thanksgiving… What is the best attraction to ride after eating way too much and being in a food coma?

Mackenzie – Snow White’s Scary Adventure–For the mere fact that it is slow and that there is usually not a long line. Second Choice would be Jungle Cruise–nice boat ride and lots of laughing!

Jungle Cruise sign MK

Melissa H. – I would have to say either Jungle Cruise or it’s a Small World. Both are quite long and very relaxing without having to worry about any fast-moving or sharp twists and turns. Although, I might fall asleep on Small World if given too much time!

Andrew – My conventional answer is the PeopleMover at Magic Kingdom. I could get a vehicle to myself, sprawl out and take a nap. They even let guests go around twice if the line is fairly short.  Allow another alternative though… If you read the blog regularly then you know I like to eat often at the parks. If I’m completely stuffed then how am I going to eat again soon? Well, go on Mission Space (the intense version), California Screamin’ or Rock n’ Roller Coaster and space will be open almost immediately. That’s a good way to wake up too. Well, good might not be the right word.

Epcot SSE front

Leslie – I think my top two answers would be Spaceship Earth and the Sea with Nemo and Friends. Both give you a slow-moving fun ride with a few activities after the fact to walk the food off. So I think both are a nice option.

Cassie – Having “been there done that” I would say the Disneyland railroads. I love to ride the train when I completely wiped out in the afternoon, as it is slow-moving and takes quite some time. You could definitely enjoy this attraction when you are in a food coma. I wouldn’t ever jump on the train first thing in the day when I have a ton energy. Much better to do so after eating an entire turkey leg in 2 minutes.

What would your answer be?  Let us know in the comments!

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