D23 Expo Announcements: Updates on Star Wars Land

I’m still catching up on D23 Expo news and will be writing short updates about each one.  Once finished with that, I will be adding my own commentary to each post.  I’ll put the new post on top of the blog with each update.  On to the news!

While much of the news at D23 Expo wasn’t announced until the parks presentation on Saturday, Star Wars Land stole the show on Friday.  A model of the land was revealed on Thursday night and was impressive to say the least.

If videos aren’t your thing, here are a few photos via Disney Tourist Blog.

As usual, wonderful photos by Tom Bricker.  Check out his in-depth post on this subject here.  I will add my thoughts on the giant model in the commentary.

Here’s a list of other Star Wars related news that they rolled out at the D23 Expo:

  • The land’s name will be Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.  This will be the name of the land on both coasts.
  • Both lands will be largely the same, and both will open in 2019.  Disneyland’s expansion will open first.
  • The land will feature two attractions that will put guests in the middle of a battle between the Resistance and the First Order.  One of these rides will be flying the Millennium Falcon while the other will be (supposedly) a trackless ride going through a Star Destroyer.
  • The Millennium Falcon ride will be interactive, with the outcome being based on how guests perform on the attraction.
  • Captain Rex (former pilot of the early version of Star Tours) will be the DJ at the land’s cantina.  There will also be classic Star Wars characters throughout the land.
  • The land is based on a space port at the edge of the galaxy.  Resistance and First Order camps will be on the edge of these lands with more of a market/city Star Wars atmosphere in the middle.

These were the noteworthy updates, although some of them were already common knowledge.  Stay tuned for some commentary!

Here’s the Disney Parks Blog post on the topic.

My reaction to the updates:

Turn the hype level up to 11.  A Star Wars themed land feels more and more like a reality instead of a pipe dream, especially after revealing this gigantic model.  Since there were quite a few little updates above I’m going to go through the bullet points one-by-one and give my thoughts on each.

It seems fitting to start with the name.  I don’t really like the name.  There’s nothing really wrong with it.  I do think Disney has gotten needlessly wordy with their titles.  Galaxy’s Edge would be fine.  Star Wars Land would be fine.  Together, it seems like a bit much.  All that said, it doesn’t actually matter.  Wizarding World of Harry Potter is constantly referred to as Harry Potter Land.  The name won’t be a difference maker one way or the other.

Via Disney Parks Blog

We already knew that the lands would basically be the same on both coasts.  I’m fine with that.  It may cost Disney some money in the long run but will likely save many vacationers money as there isn’t an argent need to visit two different Star Wars themed lands.  On the other hand, for those that have money to spare maybe two different lands would be fun.

The attractions sound amazing to me.  I think Disney will hit these out of the park.  A trackless ride through actual scenes and a simulator seems like a nice compromise of modern day technology and classic theme park design.  These attractions will likely change theme parks forever, I eagerly await their debuts.

Adding Captain Rex to the land is a wonderful tribute to Star Wars theme park history. This will be a great detail for the older generation to share with the younger generation.  I love the decision to include him.

The land’s layout makes a ton of sense.  Being a home to nearly every type of personality, including both good and evil, is a smart and tidy way to keep everyone’s favorite characters and themes from Star Wars.  I’m most excited to see the middle of the land where the market atmosphere is.  This is the part that most reminds me of a Star Wars universe that I always wanted to visit as a kid (and an adult).

Via Disney Parks Blog

Last but not least, the model looks incredible.  There seem to be beautiful areas, side streets to explore, iconic fixtures, and stories throughout.  That’s everything I can hope for in a land.

What do you think of these updates on Star Wars Land?  Let us know in the comments.  If you enjoy what you’re reading here on Wandering in Disney please subscribe to the blog.  You can do that on the right side of the page, along with finding links to our social media accounts.  Thank you for reading!

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