D23 Expo Announcements: Star Wars-Inspired Resort (and new DVC) Coming to Walt Disney World

I’m still catching up on D23 Expo news and will be writing short updates about each one.  Once finished with that, I will be adding my own commentary to each post.  I’ll put the new post on top of the blog with each update.  On to the news!

If an update on Star Wars Land (now Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge) wasn’t enough for fans, Disney announced a little something extra for fans of the franchise.  I guess little isn’t the right word.

A Star Wars themed resort will be added to Disney World property, near Hollywood Studios.  This resort will be incredibly immersive and will be themed to a starship that guests would be staying in.  Guests staying here will be a part of a Star Wars-inspired story that fits each person.

There was no announcement on when the hotel will open but I would guess somewhere in the next 2 or 3 years to coincide with Star Wars Land opening.  I would expect the prices to be incredibly high, as the capacity for the hotel looks to be fairly small.

A link to the Disney Parks Blog post on this topic.

In addition to this new resort, a DVC resort is being added to Disney World.  The resort will be themed to the Riviera and will lay adjacent to Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. Construction has already started on this site and will be wrapped up in a few years.

My reaction to the news:

The Star Wars-inspired hotel is a nice addition that I’m not very interested in.  The totally immersive story and vacation doesn’t really appeal to me as I like to plan my own my travel and could potentially get frustrated if the itinerary ended up having something that I didn’t want to do.  Add on what could be a very high price tag on top of that and I will likely never stay here.

Via Disney Parks Blog

With that said, I think this is an ambitious concept that will appeal to many people.  Many guests can’t get enough of Star Wars and this could be a great place to stay for those that want even more of the franchise.  I’ll be curious to hear more of the details over the next few years.

As for the Riviera DVC hotel, this is a bit of a mixed bag.  The location of the hotel sounds great and I’m all for new places to stay inside of Walt Disney World.  The hotel will have a rooftop restaurant that will overlook both Epcot and Hollywood Studios fireworks.  That will be a nice addition to the dining scene.

The negative is all based on the concept art, as I think this looks very generic and not themed.  While it looks nice enough, I want a place with a little more character.  Of course, this is all based on one picture and could end up being nothing like what is shown.

Overall, Disney World will be receiving some exciting additions to the hotel scene.

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