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First Visit to Café Orleans

It is still amazing to me that there are restaurants in Disneyland I have never tried! I can’t count the number of times I have been to the parks in the past four years, but alas, I have not been as adventure with dining, as one should be. I tend to flock to my regular spots, and eat items I know I will enjoy. Plus I usually hit up counter service/cafeteria style places over table service restaurants.

That being said, I enjoyed a new place when I visited Disneyland last Saturday, Café Orleans. Andrew has reviewed this spot in the past, and you can re-read his dining experience here.

Cafe Orleans inside

I went to Disneyland with my friend Dom once again and visiting Café Orleans was my only “must do” items of the trip. We headed to the Café around 10am to make an evening reservation. At 10am the only available time slots were 4:00 and 7:30pm. Clearly, the spots at this place go very quickly, especially on a busy spring Saturday. We picked the 4:00 slot, wanting to enjoy the views while it was still light outside. There was also a line forming around the building for “stand by” spots, diners hoping to get a seat who didn’t make reservations.

By the time our early dinner reservation rolled around Dom and I were both very tired and need of a pick-me-up. We had been at the park since opening, and needed a nice break and some grub. We had the option of sitting inside or outside and opted for a nice table for two over looking the Rivers of America.

The menu and food options at Café Orleans were pretty vast, offering items from salads to crepes. Everything on the menu was fairly New Orleans comfort food-esque. There wasn’t anything on this menu I wouldn’t eat, and a lot of options I will be trying in the future.

Dom and I each ordered hot tea to start, as it was getting chilly at this time of night and we needed a little caffeine to jolt us awake. The tea was lovely, and came out with our own teapots. Our waitress was very attentive, and filled our hot water whenever we ran out.

For an appetizer we ordered the Pommes Frites. The Pommes Frites were easily some of the best French fries I have ever eaten. I was blown away with how good they were. I am a French Fry snob, and these parmesan, Garlic fries with a cajun rémoulade were no joke. I am only mad that I have tasted their deliciousness, because now I need them again…every time I visit.

For an entrée we shared the classic Monte Cristo Sandwich. This dish consists of turkey, ham, and swiss cheese, deep-fried in a batter and served with berry purée dusted with confectioners sugar. I have been meaning to try this sandwich for four years, and it was actually a lot different than I imagined. I had this idea that it would taste like a grilled cheese, when it reality it was a meat and cheese filled donut. Lets just say, I am very glad we shared one sandwich. It was so decadent and so rich and filling, one sandwich with the side of fries was more than we could handle. The sandwich was very tasty, but probably something I won’t order again. I am pretty sure there are 4000 calories in one.

My only complaint, which is minor, is the price of the sandwich seemed pretty high. It was filling and huge, but coming in at $20 with no side dish seemed like a bit much. The fries were a steal though. The portion was very big and a great value for $7. I would be happy to visit again and just have fries and nothing else.

I will definitely be back to Café Orleans in the near future. There are several other table service restaurants I need to try as well, including the Blue Bayou and Ariel’s Grotto. I can’t wait to explore new dining options at The Happiest Place on Earth.

– Cassie

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