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Best Western Lake Buena Vista Hotel Review

Best Western Lake Buena Vista Resort is a hotel at Walt Disney World within walking distance of Disney Springs.  The hotel is one of many in this area that offers cheaper prices but less Disney World perks.  We recently stayed at this hotel for a couple of nights and this review will cover that stay.

We happened upon Best Western Lake Buena Vista on a quick, surprise trip to Walt Disney World.  Melissa and I were only going to be staying in Orlando for two nights and knew we’d have a car.  With that in mind, we went for a cheaper option rather than staying in one of the ‘on-site’ hotels.  I think there were positives and negatives in staying here, which I’ll get into throughout the review.

We booked the hotel the day of via Hotel Tonight.  This app offers discount prices on last-minute hotel bookings.  If you are within a week of your stay, you can book a hotel on this App.  We’ve done this a few times and have always found good rates and never any problems.  I recommend the app if you don’t use it already.

Moving on to the actual hotel…


Here’s a look at our room.  As you can see, the room is spacious.  I’m curious as to what the rooms with 2 queen beds look like but I think they would have plenty of space.  I didn’t love the colors in the room.  That reddish/pink that you see in the couch reminds me of a couch I’d see in my grandparents house.  I do like the wood headboard and thought the dresser was nice enough.  The bed here was fairly comfortable but nothing out of this world.  The mattress was decidingly average.

Bathroom BWLBV

Here’s a hotel bathroom.  Pretty bland overall but I don’t really expect much from hotel bathrooms.  This was clean, as was the rest of the room.  The shower was a bath/shower combo, which isn’t my preference but hardly a deal breaker.

Bathroom sink BWLBV

There is a little area outside of the bathroom.  The mirrors there are nice but I think it’s strange that there isn’t another sink outside of the bathroom.  That would have been nice, but again it’s not a deal breaker.

Overall, I think the room is nice but doesn’t always use the space it has wisely.  That is especially true in the bathroom section of the room.  Still, I’d rather have a room with extra space used unwisely than a room with a lack of space.


My favorite part of the room, and hotel for that matter, was the balcony off our room.  The hotel is a tower so any room that’s higher than the 5th floor will offer some pretty decent views.  We were way up high so we had a nice view.  Unfortunately, our view was facing into Orlando which is less preferable than Disney Springs or the rest of Disney World.  I did like this view though.

As far as amenities go, the hotel had a restaurant and lounge in the lobby, a Disney gift shop, an exercise room, an outdoor heated pool, and a car rental desk.  Like the rooms, this was a solid slate of amenities but none of them wowed.  Still, that’s a lot offered for a cheaper hotel.


The location of the hotel was about a 10-minute walk from Disney Springs.  The hotel does offer a shuttle to the theme parks.  This isn’t a good use of time though and the shuttle isn’t very efficient.  Unless you don’t mind a slow pace to get to the parks then I would recommend taking an Uber or driving to the parks.  Heck, walking to Disney Springs and using the Disney busses might be slightly faster.

As far as prices go, I think Best Western Lake Buena Vista is fair.  I typically see this hotel for under $100 a night.  That is a pretty good value when considering the location and quality of the room.  When skimming through Hotel Tonight, I often see this room for around $80 and that is a complete steal.  I think this is a perfect place to stay for a quick trip to Disney World or if you’re coming through town and just stopping for a couple of days.  While not ideal for a week-long trip, I think this hotel would be okay especially if you’re on a tight budget.

Best Western Lake Buena Vista Resort is a solid hotel near Disney Springs.  There is nothing about it that will wow you but the hotel does offer a good value.  With expectations in check, I think anyone staying at this Best Western will be pleased.

Overall Rating – 7/10

Do you have any questions or comments about Best Western Lake Buena Vista Resort?  Let us know in the comments and we’d be happy to get back to you.  Thank you for reading!

– Andrew

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  1. According to the Pop Century Resort website, those rooms start at $117 per night. Do you think the savings at Best Western are worth not staying at a Disney Resort? I think Pop Century seems like a good deal so in my mind, it would be hard to justify staying off resort.

    • Unless one of your main goals is to save a bunch of money, I would certainly choose Pop Century. The theming of the hotel is way better plus you get a few other on-site perks. Getting a room there for $117/night is a nice find.

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