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‘Wonderful World of Disney: Disneyland 60’ Live Thread

Hello everyone, I hope you’ve had a good weekend!  I’m settling in to watch the Disneyland special that is airing on ABC at 8 PM.  I’ll be posting updates as the show goes, reacting to any entertainment and news.  This is known as ‘live blogging’ but I’m pretty sure that this phenomenon was replaced by ‘live tweeting’.  Anyway, feel free to join in to the conversation by leaving a comment on this post.  Whether it’s Disney-related or not, I’ll probably answer any questions on the post as we go.

To be honest, I’m not expecting a ton of news from the show.  I think there will be some more information on Star Wars Land.  After that, I don’t know what will happen.  I do know that Kermit the Frog will be performing which is a worthy reason for live blogging.  This also brings up the question, is this really live blogging when the show has already aired on the east-coast?  All these answers and more coming up over the next two hours!  Anyway, I’ll post more and more as the show goes, with the later updates moving down the page.  Enjoy the show and enjoy the ‘live blog’!

Woody and Slinky

7:50 PM – This doesn’t have to do with the show, but I have heard quite a few rumors today that Rivers of Light will open at Animal Kingdom on April 19th.  This is the new nighttime spectacular at Animal Kingdom.  Disney hasn’t given an official opening date, only saying ‘Spring 2016’.

7:53 PM – I’m watching the end of 21 Jump Street.  I love this movie.  It’s this kind of analysis that you can expect all night long!

7:57 PM – Speaking of analysis, I’m not sure how much there will be to analyze tonight.  This will likely be a special that is full of pixie dust and magic.  If you want to add a little adult fun, maybe take a shot every time you hear the word ‘magic’?  Anyway, I’m hoping this won’t be too cheesy and there will be some things to talk about but I don’t have very high hopes.  Still, this should be a fun little watch.

Disneyland Forever sparkly castle

7:59 – Constantly shocked whenever I realize that America’s Funniest Videos is still on the air.

8:01 – I like the Paint the Night soundtrack much better than this version.  It’s cheesy but somehow less cheesy than this.  It is cool to see most of the Paint the Night floats though.

8:05 – Anybody a big Jessie J fan?  Yeah, me neither.  Cool hand movements though!

8:06 – There are so many people on this show.  Star Wars live in concert!

8:08 – Helen Mirren is so cool.  That dress combined with her talking about Walt is wonderful.

8:10 – Looks as if dreams might beat magic in the word-off.  Taylor Swift is really upping the count.  That was a cool little clip there though, although I’d always enjoy more Walt and less celebrities.

8:14 – Shout out to the ‘Lily Belle’!  It’s currently parked in the Main Street U.S.A station and guests can go look inside of it (although you can’t enter), I definitely recommend seeing it.

8:17 – This is a nice feature on some of the details in Disneyland.  I wish they’d show more of the details that you can see in the parks instead of stuff that you see on tours.

8:19 – One of my favorite Disney songs covered by Fall Out Boy is one of my biggest fears come to life.  All is forgiven if King Louie comes on stage though.  Update: No King Louie.  Huge oversight.  Who are these girls?  Update #2: I didn’t like that at all.

King Louie drummers Magical Map

8:28 – I’m very excited for Pete’s Dragon.  I can’t remember if I’ve seen the original version.  I might be less excited if I’d seen that recently.  But, I love the casting in this and am really looking forward to them remaking a lesser known film instead of one of the classics.


8:30 – In my post yesterday where I counted down the 5 movies kids should see before they go to Disneyland.  As frequent visitor and commenter, ProsperityAndCalamities, pointed out I left off anything involving Mickey Mouse.  He should definitely be included, although I consider him more of a TV show.  Anyway kids, go watch Steamboat Willie and any other great Mickey Mouse cartoon.

8:33 – Elton John singing in front of the castle with a choir is as good as Fall Out Boy was bad.  Very cool projections on the castle too.  A little glimpse of Disneyland Forever there, if you haven’t seen it.  That guy holding up his baby in the Simba pose was really something too, not predictable at all!

8:40 – Who’s pumped for the episode of Shark Tank after this?  Yeah, me neither.  (Sorry to all of the people I offend tonight, our actual posts are much better than this.)

8:44 – Kermit!  The only reason I tuned in.  And a Mr. Toad joke.  Amazing! Everybody please watch The Muppets show.  It’s pretty good now!  That was a beautiful duet.

8:48 – I always hate seeing the Modern Family boy all grown-up.  Them offering tips really annoys me, as well.  I’m not sure why.

8:50 – Disney Twitter people seem to be really annoyed that this isn’t more about the Parks but I’m not sure why they thought it would be.  ABC never said it was going to be that.  I’m not a big fan of the special so far, but it is pretty close to what I expected.

8:55 – I’m pretty tired of ‘Let it Go’ but seeing it in front of World of Color is pretty fun.  It is somewhat ironic that this is the worst part of World of Color – Celebrate though.  Not that the rest of the show is great (only one part that I love) but this song is definitely the worst part of World of Color.

8:58 – Crazy eyes from Idina!  That wasn’t a complete replica of the show’s segment, by the way.  It was close but a taste of what you’ll experience.

World of Color Pink high fountains

9:07 – A dance number montage? Followed by humans dancing? Well, this special really isn’t meant for me… It does strike me as strange that we haven’t seen any characters on stage yet, outside of Kermit.  That is such a big part of the parks and it seems like an easy transition to this special.  Dick Van Dyke on stage nearly saved it all though.

9:12 – Star Wars stuff coming up next.  Thank God!  If they tricked me and Little Big Town is next then I’m muting the TV.

9:18 – Here we go!  Harrison Ford on TV.  I wonder what he’s paid to do this spot.  Anyway, the First Order attraction looks a lot like Star Tours.  The Millennium Falcon ride looks like something new.  I’m not sure what it will compare to yet.  The art for the street market looks incredible.  Some of the art in the Cantina looks awesome, as well.

9:20 – All in all, there was nothing new in that announcement but there was a ton of new art.  The area looks like it will be incredibly immersive.  I hope the attractions are unique and not entirely screen reliant but time will tell.  I was hoping for a timeframe update but knew that probably wouldn’t happen.  Most people say Star Wars Land will open in Disneyland in very late 2018 and in WDW in 2019 or 2020.

9:25  – That was a nice little mini-concert.  Here is all of the art that was released tonight.

9:27 – I just scrolled through most of that art work that I linked above.  Some of those look incredible.  Also, that site is reporting the First Order attraction (that I said looks like Star Tours) is rumored to be a trackless dark ride which would be phenomenal.  My hopes got slightly higher after tonight (they were already very high.)

9:30 – Cars Land looks incredible, but that’s nothing new.  I really hope Luigi’s attraction in Cars Land opens soon.  It’s had several delays in the last few months but I’m guessing it will open by April.

Cars Land night as you go rock

9:35 – Have any readers been on Hyperspace Mountain?  I’m hoping it sticks around for my next visit but don’t know if it will.  The reviews of it seem really favorable.

9:39 – Commercials…. I’ve seen tweets from a few people who have seen Zootopia.  They aren’t allowed to review it yet but they say it’s going to be a massive hit.  This clip is hilarious.

9:46 – I’m running out of steam because there’s not much that interests me left.  Not that these performances aren’t good, they are, there’s just not much commentary to add.  I love Fantasia!  And I’m holding on for Elton John with the fireworks.  Also, I think there’s supposed to be a little preview of Shanghai Disneyland.


9:55 – Here’s some Shanghai news.  The park looks incredible.  I’ll be curious to see how it does in China’s mainland.  The project has been quite an ordeal and has gone well over-budget (causing cuts in the U.S. parks) but I like how Shanghai’s park is supposedly fit for the Chinese.  That Tron coaster and Treasure Cove look great.

9:59 – Sir Elton doing his thing.

sharp Disneyland Forever

10 – That’ll do it for my live-blogging!  Thank you to any and all who followed along.  If you have any questions, leave them in the comments.  Enjoy Shark Tank, everyone!

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    • Most of the performances have been good, just not up my alley. The show isn’t really about the parks too much but there have been some good moments. Star Wars Land news is next.

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