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Question of the Week (1/24/16)

Every week our writers get together and answer a Disney-related question.  Here is this week’s question and answers, leave your answers in the comments!

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Question of the Week: What’s the best character meet and greet experience you’ve ever had? Who was it with?

Leslie – Can my answer be a tie? Because it is. My first was seeing Darth Maul, and honestly all we did was glare at each other and glare at the camera but it felt like he stepped right out of the movies and was there. It was fantastic. The next was when I went and saw Goofy at the circus. I was dressed for Mickey’s Not So Scary as Vanessa and Goofy was positively frightened I was going to steal his voice. It was really fantastic.

Hallie Mickey Mouse

Melissa L. – This is hard for me as well, but I think Goofy and Donald would have to be my favorite. It was also at the circus and super late on a Saturday night. Just my mom and I were wandering Magic Kingdom and there were no lines for meeting the characters, so we went! Both Donald and goofy decided to fight over me and Goofy kept trying to run away with me. It was really fun! My second would be running into Alice and the Mad Hatter on our most recent Disneyland trip!

Mad hatter and Alice

Andrew – I’m not a big fan of meet & greets. I do like them with non-face characters (those with a mask or face on their costume). With that being said, my favorite is probably with Alice and Mad Hatter on our latest trip to DL, as Melissa L. said. We happened upon them as we were leaving Fantasyland and there was no one else there. They were in no hurry to take pictures and rush off but instead played around with us. Those two played catch with Melissa throwing whatever was in there pockets, while the Mad Hatter teased Alice. They were marvelously in character and it was fun to have a long interaction. At the end, Melissa asked to have her photo with them and they had completely forgot about that part of the meet & greet.

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Kelsee – My favorite meet & greet was with Mary Poppins outside of the Jolly Holiday Cafe in Disneyland. I loved it because we were able to spend more time with her since she’s a less sought after character. I also love the fairy meet & greets in pixie hollow because of the set up they have for the fairies. It feels like you are a fairy yourself!

FoF MH and SW

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– Andrew

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  1. My favorite character experience was meeting the Beast at the Be Our Guest restaurant at Disney World. He was hilarious! At the time, I had sprained my foot really badly so it was wrapped and I used a walking stick and he noticed it and motioned as though asking me if I hurt it by kicking my husband and I nodded yes and he gave me a high five!

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