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Question of the Week (1/10/16)

Every week our writers get together and answer a Disney related question.  Here is this week’s question and answers, please leave your answer to this question in the comments!

Whale at night

Question of the Week: Our responses will really vary on this one due to location, but what is your favorite part of planning a trip to a Disney Park? (picking hotels, dining, order of attractions, etc.)

Cassie – My favorite part of planning a trip is probably picking out places to eat! I always love to plan ahead, especially if I want to go somewhere nice for dinner. Not to mention, the food at Disneyland really does rock. I just love eating when I’m there!

Pommes Frites Cafe Orleans

Andrew – Like Cassie, my favorite part of planning is probably picking out the restaurants you go to. At Walt Disney World especially, planning ahead and booking those in advance is important. But since she already said that, I will go with picking hotels. While I think reserving FastPass+ is interesting, I enjoy finding a hotel to stay even more. Reading through all the different options of on-site hotels at Walt Disney World is enjoyable, just to see all of the options. At Disneyland, I like trying to find the best deal on the Good Neighbor Hotels and weighing the pros/cons of each one.

Grand Flo

Leslie – For me it is definitely picking what attractions I want to go to, but I take this a step beyond FastPass+ and try to make sure that I can continue having low wait times through the day. So I get lunch when the park is busiest and try to hit more attractions when there are shows or parades. I also try to see characters when their wait times are lowest or making sure that I get there a bit before the character arrives.


Melissa L. – Can I answer all? Haha. I would agree with what everyone has already said. I enjoy getting to pick out and anticipate the restaurants we will get to try on our visits. I love picking out the perfect place to stay – always somewhere a little different, but still has that great Disney feel. And I love picking out what attractions to go to.

If I had to choose just one thing though that was different from what everyone else, I’d have to say planning which parks we will visit which day is always a blast!

Flo's V8 night trees

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