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Question of the Week (12/15/15)

Every week our writers get together and answer a Disney related question.  Here is this week’s question and answer, leave your answer in the comments!

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Question of the Week: If costs were equal and your schedule wasn’t an issue would you rather go on a Disney Parks vacation around Christmas time when crowds are high but there are decorations and special events OR go during an off-season when crowds are lower but the parks aren’t in holiday mode? Why?

Leslie – Having been at Disney for both time periods I would suggest the off-season for regular vacations. As a single person going to the park it is easy to cope with both, but if you’re the average family of four with children then off-season is best. You are able to do more, fast passes are more readily available, reservations are not all booked. It makes for a more memorable experience to be able to do and see more in my opinion. During holiday time some days I would only be able to ride 2-3 rides before I was tired of the crowds or of waiting, and nothing says Wishes like being packed like sardines and having people push their small children in front of you to try to get them a better view…

Disneyland Christmal

Cassie –  Having gone to Disneyland this weekend and having it be too busy to do hardly anything, I’m definitely going with the off-season choice! I much prefer the parks when it’s slower, even if I miss out of some of the holiday events. The crowds that I saw this week stressed me out majorly, and we had to park so far away it wasted an extra hour of our time. I can’t WAIT for January, my favorite month for visiting Disneyland. It’s so slow and empty!


Andrew – Personally, I would go over Christmas. I’m lucky enough to go to the parks pretty often and have done most of the attractions there. It’s not really my goal to get as much done as possible anymore because I’d rather go at a slower pace. That, combined with crowds not really bothering me makes Christmas the choice. I’d love to see the parks over the holidays and see some of the special events (the Osborne Lights and candlelight processional in Epcot, specifically). Now, if I were going for the first time my answer might be different but, even then, I think it’s a hard choice.

lighthouse tea party castle

Kelsee – Christmas and Disney, you can’t really get much better. I’ve been to both Disneyland and Disney World and loved all but one of the trips. I would say, definitely go during the holidays if you can, but avoid the week of Thanksgiving and the week before, the week of, and the week after Christmas. The crowds are heavier in November and December no matter what, but if you go the right week, it’s not so bad. That being said, when choosing which park to go to during the holidays, Disney World is my choice because there is more room to disperse the guests and it doesn’t feel as overwhelming as Disneyland does. The reason I said that I loved all but one of my holiday Disney trips, is because we went to Disneyland the week of Christmas, and it was jammed packed. All of the other times I have went during the holidays, it’s been the week after thanksgiving or the beginning of December. Just like everything else Disney does, they pay extreme attention to detail for your holiday experience and add that extra magic that only they can deliver.

It's A Small World Christmas

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