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Question of the Week (10/25/15)

Every Sunday our writers get together and answer a Disney-related question.  Here is this week’s question and answer.  Leave your answer in the comments!

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Question of the Week: What Disney Parks stereotype or advice that you commonly hear bothers you most?

Andrew – This is a predictable answer if you know me but I generally disagree with the ‘go outside the parks to eat’ piece of advice. I think you miss some of the environment of the parks if you never eat there, plus there is some excellent food if you know where to go. I also think it wastes time that you’re already paying for if you eat outside of the parks, so there isn’t as much value in it as some would lead you to believe.

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Melissa H. – This applies to Disney in California – but I generally disagree with people who say you can do each of the parks in just one day for each (so two days total) and experience everything. I’ve actually heard LOTS of people say this to people who have never visited before. I guess if you go in an extremely dead season and only want to experience the rides, you could probably get it done. However, Disney has SO MUCH more to offer. There are incredible shows, attractions which change in atmosphere depending on time of day, character meet and greet experiences, and just places where walking around is an amazing experience. Have we done the parks in a short time? Yes. Did we get a chance to actually experience them? No. And I am saying this as someone who had visited multiple times prior to this experience.


Cassie – My answer goes along with Andrews, which I totally agree. I’ve heard people say all the time not to eat in the parks and pack your own food or eat outside. I’ve also heard not to eat in the parks because of the price or quality, which I don’t agree with at all. The food IS super yummy and not that expensive. Eating at Disneyland, especially the Disney specific foods, are all part of the experience.

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Kelsee – I don’t necessarily agree with the advice of “don’t take young children to the parks, wait until they are older.” There is a window of opportunity to capture the most magic and it usually starts ending by age 7-8. Don’t get me wrong, kids this age and older still have a blast. However, just like believing in magical figures like Santa and the tooth fairy, kids start getting wise to the characters at the parks and question things. The innocence of being totally captivated and believing in all things magical is at its peak when kids are still little. I don’t think parents or any adult should be discouraged in taking young children to the parks, especially because it’s more than just about the rides, it is memories that will last forever.

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