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Question of the Week (10/19/15)

Every week our writers get together and answer a Disney-related question.  Here is this week’s question and answers.  Leave your answer in the comments!

Question of the Week: What is one of your signature ‘tips’ that you give to someone who is going on a Disney vacation? We’ll make it hard and try not to copy each other answers on this one!


Melissa L. – My tip would be to set aside money for food. My family would always being in food with us and I didn’t know what I was missing until I joined Andrew’s! It can be expensive, but it adds so much to your trip and is delicious!

Cassie – My tip is for those who want to hit up as many big/popular attractions as possible: My advice is to start out early! Get as many big rides out-of-the-way in the morning and then you’ll have the rest of the day not to stress about long lines. It’s also a good idea to always have a FastPass, as soon as you use one up, grab another!

Leslie dragon

Andrew – My tip is one you might not be able to apply all year around but… I very rarely stand in lines that are over 30 minutes long, and I think that’s more enjoyable. We usually accomplish this by going to the parks early or staying late. Riding in single-rider lines and utilizing FastPass is another way around standing in those dreaded long lines. Other places, such as TouringPlans, offer great daily itineraries to keep you out of long lines if you don’t like planning out your whole day yourself.

By staying out of long lines, I feel like I’m usually more energized and can take a lot more time to enjoy the little things. The only time we do choose to go in long lines is if we haven’t done one of our favorite attractions on the last day of the trip or it’s the last ride of the night and we get in line right before park closes. Disney Parks don’t close their lines down until the park actually closes so if the park closes at 9 you can generally get in line for a ride at 8:59 no matter how long the line is supposed to take.

Miss Piggy

Leslie – My tip is stop and smell the roses. Make time to just spend soaking in the atmosphere. I see too many families get frustrated and end up upset with each other while on vacation. Families spend so much money to get to Disney that it is a good reminder to just enjoy being with each other. Yes it is hot, yes the lines are long, yes they said you wouldn’t be able to see Mickey Mouse because the parade is starting but you’re here. You’re where magic is real, dreams come true, and memories are made. Enjoy it.

Kelsee – My tip is more of a kid-oriented tip but, I always suggest to knock out the Fantasyland rides in the morning. That way, kids are happy and you don’t have to wait in the long lines because most, if any, do not have fast passes. However, before you hit Fantasyland, fast pass a bigger attraction so you can ride it after getting done with Fantasyland.

Fantasyland & Matterhorn

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  1. you guys had some great tips. I agree with hitting Fantasyland for families who have kids. Another tip is if you are hitting the parks with extended family or friends with kids is to offer the parents some free time by offering babysitting services so that they can have some alone time.


  2. Those are all good tips! My tip would be to stay multiple days, that way if a line is too long, you can do it a different day. It also makes it easier to enjoy the more simple things you might not notice if you’re rushing from ride to ride.

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