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Question of the Week (10/5/15)

Every week our writers get together and answer a Disney-related question.  Here is this week’s question and answers.  Leave your answer in the comments!

Question of the Week: I know some of you are considered ‘locals’ to the parks right now but… What would you on an off-day from the parks while on a Disney vacation? You can answer for Disneyland and/or Walt Disney World.

Grand Flo

Leslie – Does it count if I say work in Disney Springs? No, ok fine. If I was not a ‘local’ I would probably take the time to check out everything else the Orlando area has to offer including all of the other theme parks nearby. With many to choose from I have a lot of options. Not to mention the beaches are only a few hours away. If shopping is more your thing you could check out the Outlets as well as the Florida Mall which recently opened ThinkGeek’s first store and will be getting Carlo’s Bakery as well (you know, the guy from Cake Boss).

Andrew – At Disneyland, I love spending a day at the beach when we aren’t at the parks. Huntington Beach holds a special place in my heart and I could get some mexican food and sit there all day. If it’s a theme park week, I think Knott’s Berry Farm is really interesting and fun. Universal Studios will definitely be an upgrade and place to go once Potter opens early next year.

California Grill Fireworks

Orlando is a different game. The area isn’t as beautiful, in my opinion, but there is a ton to see. Universal Orlando is becoming great. Even out of the parks but staying in Walt Disney World could take up a few days as I’m a huge fan of touring the resort, the water parks, and the Boardwalk. I’m really looking forward to experiencing all of the new options at Disney Springs next time I’m down there! That’s becoming a full-day destination on it’s own.

Melissa H. – Mine really just depends on the length of our stay.

Sometimes I enjoy trying out another theme park or tourist attraction near to Disney. It can be fun to try out the feel of some different parks and see all the unique things they have to offer.

Grand Floridian drums_edited-2

If I am there for a while, I really just like to take a day “off”. I enjoy laying out by the pool and enjoying the sun or even going for a swim. I often bring a book with me on vacation and it is often just nice to find a comfy place to lay back and read or to use the opportunity to get caught up on rest since we usually spend a majority of our park days in the park from open until close.

Cassie – It’s such a horrible shame that I’ve never been to Disneyworld because I would HAVE to hit up Harry Potter World at Universal Orlando as well. Other than Disney, I’m the biggest Harry Potter fan of all time so that would be my #1 priority. Luckily, HP world is coming to LA next year!!!!!!!

Dragon Fire

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