Questions of the Week

Question of the Week (9/7/15)

Every week our writers get together and answer a Disney related question.  Here is this week’s question and answer (leave your answer in the comments)!


Question of the Week: Out of these 4 ride systems which do you enjoy the most and why – Dark rides, roller coasters, boat rides, or 3D simulators?

Melissa L. – That’s a really hard one for me because I love them all. Each one reminds me of an awesome ride, but if i was faced with all four and could only ride one, I’d most likely choose the roller coaster. I love the thrill of them and always have a blast!

Matterhorn at night

Leslie – For me I’d pick the boat ride. It’s a pretty relaxing system and often a cooler option. Plus when you think of all the rides that implement the boat system a few of them are not only my favorite, but also classic Disney rides.

Andrew – I’m with Leslie here. While I love dark rides, nothing relaxes me quite like a boat ride. Plus, they are versatile. One can be really relaxing while the next can be a thrill ride. If you include raft rides then boat rides are even better, as Grizzly River Run is a very fun attraction.

Jungle Cruise Line

Cassie – I really enjoy all dark rides. Its so thrilling when you’re twisting and turning, not know what’s coming next! Combine a boat ride WITH a dark ride (I’m looking at YOU pirates) and I’m especially on board!

Kelsee – I enjoy the thrill and the escape to a new dimension aspect that the of the 3-d simulated rides have. I love the nostalgia of the boat and dark rides but I must say I love what new technology brings to the table for rides.

Mad Tea Party Night

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