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The Untold Tale: What Lies Ahead For California Adventure

During the D23 Expo this past week, there were many announcements regarding the many different changes, additions, and updates that are coming to Disney Parks – the most notable being the official announcement of Star Wars Land in both American Disney Resorts. However, during all of the announcements one park is going to remain basically untouched – Disney’s California Adventure.

Perhaps the only real change for California Adventure that was announced at this year’s D23 Expo was the changing of Soarin’ Over California, one of my park favorites, to Soarin’ Around the World. I know I am in disagreement with my fellow Wandering In Disney friend Andrew here as this is quite possibly the one piece of news that I am the LEAST excited for. I am a supporter of them changing the film in other Disney Parks with the ride, however, I think the original should stay in California Adventure. But, that’s a different argument for a different post. Due to the small amount of news regarding California Adventure Park, many Disney fans have been speculating what plans Disney may be hiding from us at the moment. Here are a few of the facts and rumors that seem to be floating around the internet regarding the future for this park.

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Addition of rides currently located at Hollywood Studios (RUMOR): We all know that Hollywood Studios is going through a dramatic transformation that is going to make it an entirely different park than it has been in the past. Many are wondering how the changes will impact the rides that currently call Hollywood Studios home. It seems that certain rides (such as Tower of Terror and Rockin’ Rollercoaster) will no longer fit the general theme of what Hollywood studios will become. These same fans have pointed out that, even if Hollywood Studios can no longer house these rides due to a significant change in atmosphere, they would still be quite at home in the Hollywood Backlot section of California Adventure. We already have our own version of Tower of Terror and have buildings behind our TOT attraction that could be moved, much like those in Toontown, to make way for a ride like Rockin’ Rollercoaster to be added. Again, this is all rumor and speculation on the part of Disney fans, but I would be thrilled to have another E-ticket attraction in CA.


Room to expand (FACT): Regardless of what they decide to do, Disney does have room to expand their California Adventure Park. Currently, they are only using a fraction the land that they are zones for and do have some room to increase their boundaries. I find it highly unlikely that Disney will do this in the near future, especially with all of the major changes that are already coming, but it is a possibility. In order to expand, more office spaces and staging areas would need to be relocated and I am not sure that they currently have the room to move them. However, it is no secret that Disney has slowly bought up land from some of the neighboring hotels and businesses. Who knows what could happen?

An increased Marvel presence (RUMOR): Whether you are a fan of the Marvel Universe or not, the truth remains that there is a large fanbase who would come running to experience Marvel-based rides and attractions. Disney World is unable to provide this due to the legal implications regarding Universal Studio’s Marvel merchandise and parks in Orlando, so Disneyland Resort would have to be the place for a Marvel park or land to be created. Some fans are saying that with the competition that will come with Universal Studios bringing Harry Potter to the West Coast, Disney will have to respond in a big way. Though Star Wars Land most likely will take care of this, it makes sense from a business standpoint for Disney to utilize their acquisition of Marvel in a big way. Again, this is all based on rumor, so we will see.

An increased Pixar presence (RUMOR): Those who think Marvel won’t be coming to the parks seem to hold the belief that Disney may continue to increase the Pixar presence in California Adventure. This is the rumor in which I think Disney would run into the most problems. Though Pixar movies and franchises are popular, California Adventure is already home to a Bugs Life themed land, a Cars themed land, and a Toy Story ride. If they continue to add Pixar, which I would actually be thrilled with, then it seems that they will run into a Hollywood Studios type problem where they will have to re-brand their entire park. I find it hard to believe that they would gut California Adventure and take out attractions like California Screamin’ and Grizzly River Run, so then we have to ask how they would reformat a park that is becoming less of a “California Adventure” and more of a “Pixar Place”. Watching as changes are being made, I wouldn’t be entirely shocked if the name “California Adventure” is tossed anyway and replaced with another, but I have no idea as to what that change may be.

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While Disney is quiet about any changes to California Adventure all we can really do is speculate and toss around different rumors that are popping up. However, I do believe that California Adventure is not done changing and growing. The park has already come a long way in the past several years and with it’s increasing popularity, I am sure that they will keep adding new and improved attractions.

Are there any California Adventure rumors that you’ve heard that I’ve left out? I’d love to hear them.

As always, have a magical day!

-Melissa H.

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