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Question of the Week (8/9/15)

Every Sunday our writers get together and answer a Disney related question.  Here is this week’s question and our answers (leave your answers in the comments)!

Question of the Week:  What land or attraction has your favorite background music in it?

Melissa H. – I have a “disease” where I find Disneyland music on YouTube and create playlists that I feel can practically take me to the park without leaving my home. My two favorites would have to be Adventureland and the Esplanade. In Adventureland, you are mainly listening to the noises of rainforest creatures as well as the more distant sounds of Tarzan’s treehouse. I find it to be incredibly peaceful and in certain areas of the land I can believe that I am actually deep in the jungle somewhere. I love the esplanade music simply because to me, that is the sign that I am finally at the parks. They play such a wonderful combination of music from attractions, rides, and movies that it is hard not to feel emotional as you listen!

Disneyland flowers

Cassie – I really love the music when I am in New Orleans Square. I particularly enjoy the jazz quartet that plays while you eat in the square, throwing out Mardi Gras necklaces for the youngsters. The music in Fantasy Land is a close second, probably because it makes me the most nostalgic of my youth and is so dreamy/magical.

Melissa L. – ALL OF IT. Can that be my answer? But, I guess if I had to choose one, it would be Adventureland simply because that is one of my favorite lands and reminds me the most of being in the parks.

Tom Sawyer Island

Andrew – While I think my answer would change almost weekly, right now I would choose the background loop in Frontierland. That loop contains old country and western songs that really fit the area. Not only does it remind me of one of my favorite lands in the park, I’ve also started to really love some of those old western tunes. They have a comforting feel but also a suspicion to them that makes it feel as if a big chase or wild ride is around the corner!

Kelsee – I love all of the music but especially the music on Main Street. Melissa H., I do the same thing with YouTube! I also have the parks soundtrack.

Main Street DW

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