Disney’s 60th Anniversary Staycation

Hello Disney fans!

In all honesty, I had another post all ready to go for today and, at the last-minute, I decided to change the topic to let you know about some exciting things!

As you probably know, Disneyland’s 60th Anniversary is upon us. On July 17th, 1955 the park officially opened to the world and changed the way that many of us view theme parks forever. Even though the actual anniversary is still several months away, celebrations at the parks have already begun.

Mark Twain Disneyland

This week, it seems that everyone has been at Disneyland. Morning talk shows are broadcasting from the parks, blogs and social media accounts are going crazy, and it seems that every day I am hearing about all of the different celebrities who are visiting for the festivities. I, personally, get overwhelmed in large crowds (which it seems that there are in the parks right now), but I still find myself wishing that there was some way for me to experience the excitement!

Well, I would like to share a very fun and exciting opportunity for YOU to experience some of the fun that is happening at Disneyland RIGHT NOW.

Fireworks, crowded DL

For the 60th Anniversary, Disney is premiering a brand new night-time parade, World of Color show, and firework show. Tomorrow, May 21st, you can join in on the unveiling of two of these new shows – Disneyland Forever (the new firework show) and Paint the Night (the new night-time parade). You can watch LIVE broadcasts of the new shows starting at 8:30 pm PDT on Wednesday, May 21st via Disney Parks Blog.

I know many of us Disney fans are wishing we could be there and figured I would share this amazing opportunity!

DL Castle Side

You can read the official post from Disney Parks here: http://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2015/05/watch-premiere-performances-of-paint-the-night-parade-and-disneyland-forever-fireworks-and-disneyland-resort-24-hour-event-live-on-disney-parks-blog/

Also, don’t be afraid to go through the other recent posts on Disney Parks Blog to get more behind-the-scenes looks and information.

Hopefully I will “see” some of you there!

DL Partners statue

Have a magical day!

Melissa H.

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