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The rides and attractions created for the Disney parks all tell a story.  They are themed and designed to a tee making every moment you are in a park an experience. Whether the attraction is bringing an animated classic to life or an entirely new experience, each one is memorable.

One of my favorite rides is the Indiana Jones Adventure.  I love walking into the queue line and immediately being immersed into the story.  It’s like I am standing right beside Indy on his entire adventure.  So many rides at the Disney parks are just like this.  Peter Pan, Radiator Springs Racers, Dumbo, and Snow White’s Scary Adventure are just a few of the other attractions that have made our favorite movies come to life before our eyes.

Snow White

But not all of the Disney attractions were created after a movie came out, some of them have inspired movies of their own.  Some of these movies have even been major blockbusters such as Pirates of the Caribbean and the soon to-be released Tomorrowland.  The attractions were popular before, and after the movie was created, they became even more popular.  I love being able to pop in Pirates of the Caribbean and immediately think of the attraction found in New Orleans Square.  It always brings back memories of the original ride and my memories of riding it.

There are some really big rides at Disney that aren’t based off a movie or don’t have movies based off of them yet.  And there are some attractions that I think would be GREAT movies that when I turn them on, they’ll remind me of all my memories on those classic rides. I don’t have many storyline ideas, but I know Disney would knock our socks off with whatever they come up with.  So, with that being said,here is my top five list:

It's A Small World

5.  It’s A Small World:  Most people would not want this made into a movie, but it’s one of my favorite rides.  I wouldn’t want the movie made up of the dolls though…that would be rather creepy and may give kids and their parents nightmares.  What I’d love to see happen is just a bunch of kids (real) from all around the world having to work together and ultimately learn that it’s a small world after all.

4.  The Enchanted Tiki Room: This could make for a really fun movie.  It would be filmed on an island with breathtakingly beautiful landscapes and have many different tropical birds flying around.

space mountain

3.  Space Mountain:  Now they may be doing something about this attraction in Tomorrowland, but I can’t say for sure since I haven’t seen it yet.  Regardless I think it would be an awesome movie to watch.  There would be so many story lines to choose from – I mean it would be about the universe and we all know that the universe is gigantic!

2.  Big Thunder Mountain Railroad:  Can you just imagine what kind of movie would be created off of this attraction?  It would be one of the great wild, wild west stories filled with action and adventure.


1.  The Jungle Cruise:  This is one of my favorite rides.  It’s always a relaxing journey down the rivers of the world listening to some pretty hilarious jokes.  I don’t know what kind of movie they would make for this ride, but I know that it would be great.  How could it not be, if it’s based off one of the best rides at Disney???


A message for all my readers that are great at writing screenplays and have a lot of influence in the decisions that Disney makes – go make these movies happen. 🙂 Thanks very much and I look forward to seeing them in theaters some day soon.

– Melissa L.

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  1. Are you aware of the comic book series’ that have come out of Big Thunder and Space Mountain? I haven’t had too close a look at either, but I’m intrigued. As for Small World, I think it would be a waste to not have Mary Blaire’s aesthetic not make it to an animated film of some kind. Cool post! Food for thought. Thanks!

    • Thanks for commenting Tom! I haven’t heard about the comic book series’ but that sounds AMAZING and I look forward to reading it! 🙂

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