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Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular at Disney’s California Adventure

Tucked away in Hollywood land, at Disney’s California Adventure, is a fantastic show of Broadway proportions. Disney’s Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular has showtimes throughout the day, so there are different options to meet your needs. You would never know the theater is there, since it’s hidden away as you turn the corner to get to Tower of Terror, but it is a show you don’t want to miss!

Like all things Disney, they do not slack when it comes to putting on an amazing musical. The theater makes you feel as if you are in New York at a swanky, Broadway show, which is a unique experience at the parks.

Once the show starts, you are captivated with visual excitement all around you. They follow the original movie sequence of events pretty closely, which adds a sense of familiarity, especially for the little ones.

Genie parade

Speaking of little ones, I recommend to take them to this show if they are older than 4, and familiar with Aladdin. Even if they aren’t familiar with Aladdin, it is still a neat experience, but if they are familiar they will sit still longer and be more engaged. There have been rumors of switching the musical to Frozen or Rapunzel, to appeal to the new generation of Disney Princess lovers of the younger age group, but no definite plans yet.

As for adults, Aladdin is one of the quintessential movies that signifies our Disney experience when we were children, so to have it brought to life, is a welcomed nostalgic encounter. People of all ages really enjoy this show and keep going back to watch it.

My favorite character of both the movie and this musical, is of course the big blue man himself, Genie. In this particular musical, they have added current pop culture jokes to his monologue, which makes it even more relatable. They do a fantastic job of portraying his playfulness and bringing his character to life.

Throughout the show, there is a few chances for audience interaction. Also, there are puppeteer elephants, camels, and various cast members they parade through the aisles during the “Prince Ali” song sequence. This really catches the children’s attention and wows the whole theater. However, my favorite part of the whole show is the “Whole New World” sequence when they have Aladdin and Jasmine fly in above you on the magic carpet. This is one of the things that sets the show apart and adds that extra Disney Magic. For a while, they did not do this sequence with the “flying” carpet because there was a prop accident during on of the shows, but they have thankfully brought it back.

This is a great show to go to, especially if you are on a longer trip and can fully appreciate hidden gems like this at The Disneyland Resort. Do yourself a favor on your next trip, and fly into a whole new world with this fantastic music spectacle!

– Kelsee

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