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Helpful Tips When Packing for a Baby on a Disney Trip

When going on a Disney trip, there is a lot of thought that goes into what to pack. When you have a baby, there is even more planning and packing, not to mention being prepared for the unexpected. I have compiled a list of things you don’t want to leave behind on a Disney trip with your baby. I have not included the items on the list that are a given such as diapers, wipes, medicine, formula, etc. Here are some items that I have found helpful to bring along on our Disney trips with our baby.

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1. Plan on bringing 3 sets of clothing for each day you are on your trip. Even if you don’t use each set of clothing each day, you have a back-up for other days.

2. Bring a jogging stroller: If you don’t have a jogging stroller, rent the strollers they provide at the parks. In my opinion, jogging strollers are the easiest to navigate through the parks. These are ideal for napping because they most often recline back to make your baby more comfortable unlike umbrella strollers. They may seem bulky, but it’s much easier to use them at the parks, especially on the train tracks on Main Street.

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3. Table covers: These are easy to put on any table and puts a parent’s mind at ease.

4. Disposable bibs/ wipeable bibs: I have brought cotton bibs to the park before, and it’s just a disaster waiting to happen. It’s all about convenience on a Disney trip with a baby.

5. Sandals or bare feet: Especially if you are going in the warmer months, do not put socks and shoes on your little one. It will be much more comfortable for them without sneakers or shoes at all.

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6. Clip on fan/stroller cover: Fans and stroller covers help keep baby cool. To keep your Disney day going smoothly, the key is to keep baby cool and happy, so these two items help you reach that goal. The misting fans are the most ideal ones to purchase.

7. Pack bubbles for waiting in lines/ waiting for your party to get back from a big ride: Bubbles are a lifesaver with grumpy babies.

8. Insulated cooler/ insulated tippy cup or bottle: Since babies have special needs when it comes to eating, bringing everything insulated is ideal. You don’t want to have your food spoil mid-way through the day. Also, it’s very important to keep baby hydrated throughout the day.

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9. Bring a swimsuit to the parks each day: There are splash areas around the parks that your baby will enjoy and it helps keep them cool. Also, bring a swim bag or disposable bag to put the swim suit in after your baby is done getting wet.

10. Backpack: If you carry an over the shoulder bag for a diaper bag, my advice is ditch it for the trip and bring a backpack in place of your diaper bag. They are so much more convenient to carry during your visit.

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If you forget anything at home, do not worry Disney has your back. At the baby care centers around the parks, they have various baby products stocked up for parents that might have forgotten something. Do not pass these facilities up, they are kept impeccably clean, there is privacy for nursing mothers, microwaves for heating up bottles/food, and several changing tables. Just like any other guests, the comfort and convenience for babies and their mothers are one of their top priorities.

– Kelsee

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