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Question of the Week & Round-Up (3/28/15)

Every week all of our writers get together and answer a Disney related question. Here’s this week’s question and responses:

Question of the Week: A very basic question this week. When is your next trip to a Disney Park? What are planning to do on that trip or what could be special about it?

Melissa L – Our next Disney trip is planned for September! We definitely can’t wait! Obviously we plan to do both parks and spend lots of time at each, but most importantly Andrew and I are running the Disneyland 10k while we are there!

Night FW MK

Melissa H. – My next trip to a Disney Park is coming in October 2015. I will be returning to Disneyland for a 4 day stay at the parks. Originally this trip started out sort of as a joke between my boyfriend and I while I was in Disneyland this past February and now, as we look at airfare and begin to put money aside, it is starting to become a reality.

There are a few things that I am really excited about for this upcoming trip. The first is that on our trip we will be joined by some great family friends. We have gone on several trips to Disneyland Resort together, the first when I was just 2, and now will be going again – so fun! Another piece that I am excited about is getting to go with Tyler who is, thankfully, just as in love with Disney as I am. We are already talking about what we want to do first and all of the places we want to take cheesy pictures so it should be a blast! Another big thing is that Grizzly Peak and Airfield, formerly Condor Flats, will be completely open again (fingers crossed) during this trip. My last two trips Grizzly River Run was closed down and drained of water, so I have been dying to go on that ride! As we go about trip planning, I am also considering paying the money to go on one of the tours that Disney offers. I haven’t decided upon this yet, so I am not sure, but it could be a fun and new way to experience the parks.

I guess I could have just made this much simpler and said the truth – I am excited for EVERYTHING!


Leslie – I actually just had my last Disney trip while my mom was here.  That being said my next Disney trip is Wednesday. I’m headed to Epcot with one of my roommates. I’m going to go on Soarin’, meet some characters and, of course, go on Spaceship Earth. I will probably spend the day eating wonderful food and at character meet and greets. My Disney trips however are usually not planned since I have so much time here.

Cars Land

Kelsee – We are planning a trip to Disney World next summer. It will be a special trip because my daughter will be old enough to go to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, she will be 3 1/2 which is a wonderful time to experience the magic through her eyes. The last time we took her to Disney World she was only 7 months so I’m excited to be able to do more things with her this time around.

Also, we are hoping to see some of the new additions/refurbishments Disney World has in motion and hopefully the renovations will be complete or almost complete by next summer!


Andrew – As Melissa L. said, we are going to Disneyland in September to take part in our first RunDisney event! I’m very excited for that and to see what one of these races is like. What I’m most excited for though is to see the new additions they will have made for the 60th anniversary. All of the shows and ride refurbishments have me very excited. I’m also excited to add more photos to my collection and plan on this being a very big part of our trip (which Melissa probably isn’t as excited about as I am). September can’t come soon enough!


When is your next Disney trip?  Let us know in the comments!

A recap of the week after the jump.  

It was a pretty slow week on the blog.  On Tuesday, Andrew wrote about his top 10 attractions with the best views at Disney Parks.  On Wednesday, Melissa H. shared her review of some Disney Park Smart Phone Apps.

Some of our favorite posts around the blogosphere this week were:
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WDW Radio celebrated the 400th episode of their show.  Congratulations to Lou!
Second Start to the Right Disney Blog had a review of Bay Lake Tower at Disney World.
disneymatters gave quite a few good reason on why you should slow down at Disneyland.

FoF Croco

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