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Pacific Wharf Cafe Review

Part of what is so great about California Adventure is that you get to experience the highlights of the beautiful state in one park. I have taken many road trips down the California coast and one of my favorite stops is San Francisco.

There are many reasons I love the Bay Area, but one of the main reasons is their clam chowder sourdough bread bowls. These delectable bowls of goodness are featured at The Pacific Wharf Cafe which is located right before the entrance of Paradise Pier.

Pacific Wharf bridge

The Pacific Wharf Cafe is a quick service restaurant with seating out on the dock, just as they have it at many Bay Area restaurants.

This cafe is actually operated by San Francisco’s oldest business, Boudin Bakery which opened in 1849, so it’s the real deal folks! The bread is legendary, and luckily it’s at your convenience at the happiest place on earth!

Pacific Wharf Canning Co.

Pacific Wharf Cafe is always a stop on our Disneyland Resort trip, especially for a quick and delicious lunch. There are other soup, salad, and other various food options to go in your bread bowl, but my favorite will always be the good old clam chowder. They also have many delicious treats for deserts including cinnamon rolls, so make sure to save room for those! Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are available so stop by anytime and see what they have to offer with their bread bowl magic recipe!

As a parent tip, this is also a great area to make a stop because the baby center is just a couple of steps away from the dining area. Therefore, you can take care of your babies’ needs and make an eating stop in one trip!

Pacific Wharf Kelsee

As far as a quick service restaurant goes, I give this cafe a 8/10. The food is delicious and very authentic to it’s roots in San Francisco. The only downfall is, I wish the seating was a bit more organized. There are many other quick service restaurants in the same area so it gets a little jumbled.

– Kelsee

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