Birthday Celebrations at Disney

What better place to celebrate your birthday than the Happiest Place On Earth?!

This last October, my family and I had the opportunity to celebrate my daughter’s second birthday and many great memories were made! If you have the chance to celebrate your special day at Disneyland, I highly recommend it for all ages! Here are a few extra special ways to celebrate your big day!

Complementary Birthday Buttons:
First on the must-have list for a birthday at the Disney Parks, is a Happy Birthday button! As I explained in my previous post about Disney freebies, these special commemorative buttons are FREE! You can pick them up at City Hall or stores like The Emporium and The Mad Hatter. Most everyone goes out of their way to wish you happy birthday and it makes your day that much more special.

Hallie button

Party Time!
We decided to celebrate my daughter’s birthday with a character breakfast at the Plaza Inn on Main Street. Make sure to call and make a reservation for your everyone in your party at least a month in advance, as they fill up quickly (714-781-3469). Reservations are also available online. This was a fantastic experience for her and the food is delicious! It is a buffet style service and there are many options.

Hallie mickey waffle

You can also order a cake for the birthday girl or boy (cake for breakfast, how great is that?!) The cake options are: Princess jewelry box or Pirate treasure chest. These cakes are individual cakes and cost around $15. The princess jewelry box is plastic and you can take it home as a keepsake and it also comes with a handheld foam mirror, the pirate treasure chest is also a plastic closable box and comes with a compass. In my opinion, Disney kind of skimps on these cake sets, I feel like the quality should be a bit better for the price, however it’s the only option in that price range so we went ahead with it. The little trinkets make the kids happy so that is all that matters. Also, I would like to add that they no longer do the hour celebration with Mr. Pat-e-cake as it is listed on some blogs and discussions. They used to have this program and birthday celebration party, however they have down sized and do not offer that package anymore. I had a hard time figuring out exactly what is offered now and ended up calling Disney dining and they explained they have cakes that you can order at most of the dine in restaurants, but no exclusive party package. We were a little disappointed because we wanted something a little more for her party, but the characters did come over when we sang happy birthday and it still made it special.

Hallie cake

Disney Dream Makers:
If it fits in your birthday budget, the Disney Dream Makers can add even more pizazz to your birthday celebration. Like Genie, your every wish is pretty much their command! From decorating your room, to having a gift basket ready at check in, to having a personal shopper grab things for your before you arrive, what more can you ask for? They also can arrange an elaborate cake to be made that is better quality than the ones they provide at the dine in restaurants, they just need a 72 hour notice. Give them a call at 714-300-7526 and they can help you or your loved ones birthday dreams come true!

Hallie birthday with mirror

Birthday mouse ears:
What is a Disney trip without the infamous Mickey ears? What is a birthday at Disneyland without Birthday Mickey ears?! In recent years, Disney has become very creative with their ear designs and they do not fall short on providing birthday ears or hats. These are a great addition to your day and a great keepsake for years to come!

Hallie with minnie

Special Autographs:
For my daughter’s birthday, we brought a special card for all of the characters to sign. They also make a point to add a little message for the birthday boy or girl, which I thought was very neat. As you can tell, I’m all about Disney keepsakes and this one is a very special one to keep!

Hallie birthday

There is truly nothing more magical than a Disney parks birthday celebration ( at least in my opinion) Just being at the parks is a wonderful gift in itself, but the add ons are great memories and keepsakes to hold on to forever.

– Kelsee

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