February 2015 Disneyland Trip Report – Part 2 (Melissa H.)

If you haven’t seen part one of my trip update and would like to know how we started our most recent Disneyland Vacation, please feel free to check it out here. I’ve found myself referencing some of the things that I discussed during this post and it might help fill in any questions you might have.

But for the rest of us who are reliving these magical memories, on to Day 2.


Like I said, my family has a pretty organized system for how we tackle Disney and make sure that we are able to visit as many rides and attractions as possible. So, for our second day of the trip, we were focused on spending the entire day in California Adventure.

Due to the time of year that we were visiting, the parks closed fairly early on our first night, so we were able to start day 2 early without a problem. We all met up for breakfast in our hotel and the ventured out to catch our shuttle to the park. Due to the shuttle schedule, we weren’t able to be there RIGHT when California Adventure opened, but we were pretty close. Having had my last two trips be during an “busy season” I was prepared to have an enormous crowd still waiting to get through the gate, but was pleasantly surprised when we were basically able to just walk on through.

Melissa H Churros

It was sad because during our trip all of Condor Flats was closed down for what is apparently going to be a major remodel. Two trips in a row without a ride on Grizzly River Run… Guess I will just have to go back again. Anyways, this changed our plans since usually Soarin’ is one of our very first rides. Instead, we decided to head straight back to Paradise Pier.

Again, one member of our party stopped to get the ever important Fastpasses for Radiator Springs Racers. The shortest that I have EVER seen the standby line for this ride was 75 minutes… Still quite the wait. Because of the consistently long line, Fastpasses are a hot commodity and go quick. My suggestion for anyone hoping to ride along with the rest of their party would be to get Fastpasses as soon as possible during your visit. If you don’t really care about riding with others in your group, the single rider line is also a pretty great option.

Our first ride of the day was The Little Mermaid – one of my favorite dark rides because of how much it actually feels like I am entering Ariel’s world. From there we went around Paradise Pier, skipping only Jumpin’ Jellyfish and ended up at my biggest nightmare: Mickey’s Fun Wheel.

Screaming Ride

Now, I willingly admit to the world that I am afraid of heights. I don’t like flying and I hate being up high on a roof or tree or ANYTHING where I don’t feel stable. For the most part, rides don’t bug me too terribly bad because I don’t really have enough time to think about and process how high I am. In addition, I usually feel like I am strapped in pretty tight so that adds an extra sense of security. But, I can find no comfort from my fear on this ride. My father is equally as terrified of Silly Symphony Swings, so after practically forcing him to go on it with me I figured I would repay the favor. But, because it’s my crazy family everyone decided to go in the swinging gondolas. Kill. Me. Now.

I went. I conquered. I spent the entire time practice breathing, clutching a barf bag between my legs, holding on for dear life to the side of the gondola, letting sweat drip down my hands, and squeezing my eyes shut – but I DID IT. My dad made sure to laugh plenty and take pictures of my grimacing in fear, so you can be sure that magical memory will never be forgotten. After the ride of my horrifying nightmares, I was rewarded with a churro and Diet Coke which is only one of the best Disney snacks that the park has to offer.


By the time we completed Paradise Pier, it was time for our Fastpasses at Radiator Springs Racers. We marched on over to Cars Land and had a blast on the ride and going on Mater’s Junk Yard Jamboree while we were in the area. Then, we went back over to the Pacific Wharf for lunch. I got a salad in a bread bowl which just so happens to be one of the foods I had on my checklist. I LOVE the bread bowls at Disneyland and could probably have them for every meal for the rest of my life if it was an option.

After that, we went through and visited Bug’s Land. Most of the adults found a quiet and cool spot next to one of the water features in the land while a couple of adults and the littles went around and did the various rides. I think we were starting to feel the exhaustion from a couple of fun-filled days.  

After completing A Bug’s Land, we only had Hollywood Land left to tackle. Unfortunately, the line for Tower of Terror was quite long, so we grabbed a Fastpass and decided to spend some time at one of my favorite places to relax in the park: Animation Academy. A few of us made a quick Starbucks run so we could have a little treat while we explored the building. I can just sit in the “lobby” area of the Animation Academy for forever, so I was quite content to hang out there and drink my Starbucks and watch, listen, and relax while others went to Turtle Talk with Crush and learned how to draw Olaf from Disney’s Frozen. I did take a quick trip down to the Beast’s Library to discover which character I am most like. I took the quiz twice, because I am a rebel, and got Rapunzel once and Alice the other, so I was pretty happy about that.

Melissa H. Animation Academy

We took a quick trip on the Tower of Terror using our Fastpasses, but two members of our party decided they didn’t want to ride so after going on once, my cousin Kathryn and I hopped right back in line with the unused Fastpasses and enjoyed the ride for a second time. I absolutely love Tower of Terror, weird with my fear of heights I know, so I was thrilled (get it?) to ride a second time. Afterwards, we met up with the rest of our party over at the Ghiaradelli shop in Pacific Wharf. I have never gotten anything there, but this is definitely a place I have to go on my next trip.

Paradise Pier Melissa H

After that stop, the “older cousins” went to hit California Screamin’ while it was dark out. We ended up back at our hotel a little before the parks closed and order a pizza from Oggi’s which was just across the street from us. Oggi’s is one of my family’s favorite pizza places and is definitely a place we have to eat whenever we are down there. I would highly recommend you check it out if you are looking for a place to eat outside of Disney.

Pizza Oggis

Part 3 will include the last two days of my trip since they were a little less packed. I hope you will join me in reliving the magic! If you have any questions about my trip or any of the places I visited while in the park feel free to e-mail us at wanderingindisney@gmail.com, post on our wall, or leave a comment. I will be happy to answer any of them!  Check out all of our trip reports on this page!

Have a magical day!

– Melissa H.

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