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Weekly Question and Round-Up (2/22/15)

Every Sunday all of our writers get together and answer a Disney related question. Here’s this week’s question and responses:

Question of the Week:  If you could be any character for a Disney Meet & Greet, which character would you be? Consider the costume you’d have to wear, the personality you’d have to portray, and the popularity of your character.

Melissa L. – I, of course, would choose to be a princess! And I would, of course, choose to be Rapunzel! Not only is she my favorite character, but she has such an outgoing personality that would be really fun to portray. I think it would be a blast to be her! I’d get to joke around with park guests and it would be great! Plus, then Andrew could be Flynn Rider!

FoF Rapunzel

Andrew – This is a hard one. Sorry Melissa, I don’t think I’m going to be Flynn Rider.  As I professed a few weeks ago, I’d love to be Sorcerer Mickey in Fantasmic! That would be kind of breaking the rules though, since he’s not in Meet & Greets, he’s in a show. So, I’m going to go with Eeyore. I would like to be an animal character because I’d rather not have to talk or show my face. I don’t think I’m very good at talking but I’m pretty good at Eeyore expressions. I love Eeyore and think he’d be a blast to portray.

Kelsee – The meet & greet character I choose is Mary Poppins. I don’t know if she is technically considered an official meet & greet character, but since the Jolly Holiday Bakery was put in, she makes frequent visits to the area. Mary Poppins is one of my favorite movies and I’d love to try to perfect a British accent! I also love her Victorian Jolly Holiday costume that she is always seen sporting. Although she may not be the most popular character anymore, I think I’d enjoy that compared to the constant job of a Disney princess, even though that is a close second. I guess I just would love to portray the uniqueness that is Mary Poppins and her ever-present spunk and gumption.

Leslie – I’ve been thinking about this honestly and I’m torn between Alice and Anna. They both have great and fun personalities. Little girls adore Anna though and she has more fun interactions, I think. They love to talk about Frozen and I love to talk about Frozen haha. It would never be a dull moment between adults and children.

FoF Frozen

Melissa H. – I really think that I would want to be a face character of some sort. Having researched things before (because hey, I am a nerd) I know my only character options for my height would be Alice, Tinkerbell, or Wendy. But, for the sake of this question if I could be ANY character I would want to be Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I have always identified with Belle because she is “odd”, has a love for reading, and has kind of sassy personality if you think about it. Plus, she is beautiful. I also really would love to be Rapunzel because I think she would be fun to play personality-wise, but I going to give her to the other Melissa.

Mary Poppins

What Disney Character would you be in the Parks?  Let us know in the comments!

A recap of the week after the jump.  

It was a busy week here on the blog.  On Tuesday, Andrew wrote a snacking guide to Epcot’s World Showcase.  On Wednesday, Melissa H. gave us part one of her trip report to Disneyland.  On Thursday, Leslie updated us on life as a cast member.  Friday brought Kelsee writing about free items guests can get at Disneyland and Disney World.  One last post on Saturday was a review of French Market, a counter-service restaurant in Disneyland.

Some of our favorite posts elsewhere around the Disney blogosphere this week were:
– The Disney Food Blog tells us about a rumor of Aloha Isle in Magic Kingdom going away.
– The Mature Mouse continued his Disney World trip report while talking about the California Grill.
– WDW Radio had a fun show this week about the history of Disney trains.
– Last but not least, the Disney Dish with Jim Hill continued their history of Disneyland.  This time it was from the years 1955 to 1959.

BTMR waterfall

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  1. Belle, of course! She is my absolute favorite. And it would be so fun to dress in the big yellow gown. But since Melissa already has dibs on her, I’ll say Winnie the Pooh! It would be fun to be an animal, and Winnie the Pooh just loves everyone


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