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Leslie’s Return From Neverland: An Update on Leslie’s Life as a Cast Member

I shall preface this post with an apology; I have been absent from the blog for far too long. It has taken some settling into Disney. Where to start? What to write? Well I suppose life so far. Disney has been amazing, Traditions and Casting are pretty much like most job orientation days. I would write more about them, but preserving the magic is key and if anyone is going into the program it is a lot more exciting to not know. After this I had about five days of training, one day an overall training all cast members go through, one day was cashier training, and the last three are in your location. For me this was one day in each of my stores (I have three). Speaking of my stores they are all in Downtown Disney, which even though I am not in a park is still amazing. I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment at work.

leslie wdw entrance

My first and favorite store is D-Street which sells Marvel, StarWars, Vinylmations, and Hipster Mickey merchandise. I do not know much about Vinylmations, but the rest of the merchandise I know a bit about, and Hipster Mickey reminds me of home. Next is Candy Cauldron, the only themed store in Downtown Disney. This store clearly sells candy and is designed after the Evil Queen’s cauldron, complete with the Old Hag near the door ready to offer a beauty her apple. Finally is the Disney Quest store, which is much like a regular Disney Store, it also rents out wheelchairs and strollers.

Leslie castle

After going through training I have officially earned my ears and achieved the right to call myself a cast member. This is truly an exciting moment for me. I cannot wait to see what the Disney College Program has to offer me. What is the best part you ask? The answer is the park access. I have been to the parks 3 days so far, and each day has been amazing. From rides, to character meet and greets, and most importantly attractions.

Leslie dragon

Though I haven’t bought many souvenirs I have been to a few different restaurants. All of which have been amazing. I have even managed to go to a few new ones since I am here. Andrew would be so proud of me. In the future I will probably talk about them more in detail but for now I shall wet your appetite (and probably my own). This year I returned to Teppan Edo for another great meal, I sped through Wolfgang Puck’s Express, dined in the Rainforest Café through the storm, enjoyed a meal and a dance at Restaurant Marrakesh, and finally made it through paradise with Paradiso 37. This is certainly not the last of my foodie adventures though. On my birthday I shall be enjoying Victoria and Albert’s and cannot wait to give you all my review.

cinnamon roll leslie

For now I am simply living the CP life, going to work, enjoying the parks, and making magical memories for all the families who visit me. Who knows, maybe I shall see some of you readers some time soon!

Have a magical day! (Or night based on when you read this…)


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