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A Royal Review: Princess Fantasy Faire

In years past, tracking down the famous royalty of Disneyland was a difficult task. It was all about luck when it came to being in the right place at the right time to have a meet and greet with the princesses. Fortunately, Disney caught on to this on going struggle and added the Fantasy Faire in 2013.

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Since they added this addition, park goers no longer wonder if they will meet a princess or have to play a guessing game on where to find them. The main place to meet the princesses is the Royal Hall. Inside the Royal Hall, there are at least 3 princesses present at all times. If you are wondering which princesses are inside, there is a sign outside the hall that lists the princesses that are present. However, sometimes it will only list one guaranteed princess and the other two are a surprise. A little tip though, if you are extra nice to the royal guards that stand watch, they may give you a hint about what other princesses await within.

The Royal Hall is everything you would imagine it to be. Inside, each princess has their own closed off section where you are able to have your own private meet and greet. Unlike previous princess encounters, you are now able to have a more exclusive experience where you do not feel rushed or overwhelmed. Also, there are PhotoPass photographers at every princess station to capture the magical moments. This regal setting is one that will excite adults and children alike. This experience is very similar to the character encounter with Mickey in Toontown, which is exceedingly better than standing out in the hot sun with people crowding everywhere.  Hallie Cinderella

As a side note, do not expect to meet Anna or Elsa in the Royal Hall, they have their own encounter experience in Fantasyland next to the Village Haus. Even though you will not be able to have a meet and greet with the Frozen sisters in the Fantasy Faire, they do have their own Royal Theatre show. Here beneath a beautiful royally embellished tent, you are able to experience the retold story of Frozen like you haven’t seen before. Since it is very difficult to score an engagement with Elsa and Anna, this is the next best thing.

In addition to meeting the princesses and seeing a show, there is also a chance to do a little royal shopping. There is the Fairytale Treasure Shop that has all of your royalty needs. You can dress your princess from head to toe in this shop. Next to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, this store is the place to go for your princess attire. There is also a little hidden story in this shop, it is called “The Secret Acorn.” It is a tribute to the many woodland creatures that help our royal heroines in their stories. Jewels and riches mean nothing to forest creatures, but something as simple as an acorn is a treasure to them. Therefore, you will find hidden acorns in the shop sign as well as throughout the store.  hallie cinderella bw

The addition of Fantasy Faire did wonders for the convenience of being able to meet the princesses. This was a major move forward for all the frustrated parents and park attendees of days past. As a huge Disney princess fan, I can tell you this is a great opportunity to step into the shoes of the princesses and enjoy a little piece of their fairytale.

– Kelsee

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