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Weekly Question and Round-Up (1/4/15)

Every Sunday all of our writers get together and answer a Disney related question. Here’s this week’s question and responses:

Question of the week – Just to show that we aren’t in love with every single Disney move, it’s time for a little more of a pessimistic question. What do you think is the most overrated Disney Theme Park attraction and why?

Andrew – This is a hard one, to be sure. I love almost all Disney attractions and think there’s a reason the classics are classics. With all that being said, I think Space Mountain in the Magic Kingdom is a little bit overrated for one reason. It hurts me. That ride really jerks you around much more than it’s counterpart in Disneyland. While I love the theming of Space Mountain, the ride could use a new track that’s smoother.

Tarzan's Treehouse

Melissa Long – Hmmmm I don’t know if I like this question….but I would maybe say the Swiss Family Treehouse (and Tarzan’s Treehouse in Disneyland). I mean it’s pretty cool looking but in my opinion only worth going through once. I mean after you do it the first time, you are SO TIRED.

Melissa Hoyt – I enjoy so much about Disney Parks, so this one was definitely a hard one for me. For me, I think the most overrated attraction would have to be Test Track in Epcot. People always told me how exciting and cool it really was, but to me it was uninteresting and less than thrilling. Some of the tests that took place inside of the building were very uncomfortable for me. I do love though how they have update the ideas for Test Track in California Adventure and turned it into Radiator Springs Racers, a ride which I really love.


Kelsee – This has really been difficult but here we go.

When they did the Fantasyland add-on/revamp in the Magic Kingdom at DisneyWorld, I admit I had high expectations. There was a lot that they did perfect, but I don’t agree with the storybook circus theming.

I know it was a good idea for Disney to add another Dumbo ride because it is such a popular ride, but I feel that if they found a reason to replace Toontown, they needed to find something more appealing to people to replace it. Circuses are definitely not a popular thing this day in age and it was an odd decision.

It is a great area for young children but I feel like they could have gone a different direction with the theming. Also, they could have added more rides for the younger kids as well since that’s who they were obviously trying to appeal to with Storybook Circus.

I am rarely ever disappointed in Disney, but this move was not my favorite.

Leslie – Stitch’s Great Escape, definitely was a big let down for me since I knew nothing about the ride/show. I thought it was going to be a lot of fun, it wasn’t. The queue was honestly more fun than the show. I wish I could explain how bad it was, but most of it was pitch black. It is also a bit of a let down since everything “funny” happens in the dark. While the ending is kind of cute, it is definitely not a ride I will ride again and as a fan of Stitch that is really disappointing.I think they need to do another renovation and completely gut the area out and change it not revamp it like they did this time (previously it was ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter).

Let us know your answers in the comments!  We’ll have an abbreviated recap after the jump.

I’m still on vacation so I’m going to make this quick!  Here’s what happened on the blog this week!

Tuesday we had a post reviewing the new Festival of Fantasy Parade in Magic Kingdom.  Wednesday we brought in the new year with a thought about 2014.  Thursday we had a new top-ten list by Leslie about the best rides to stay cool and dry on.  On Friday, Kelsee brought us a list about the top-five attractions for kids under five.  Then yesterday, Melissa Hoyt wrote about the changes that have happened to California Adventure over the years.

I’m going to leave it at that for this week.  I will throw one quick link out there because this was a fantastic post from The Disney Tourist Blog about Tom’s favorite Disney photos from this year.  He’s an exceptional photographer, so go check it out.

Backside of MK Castle

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