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A Top Ten Attractions Podcast

Just a quick update!  I do a weekly podcast with my friend Darin, who has also written a few posts here.  Typically we talk about movies or TV but this week we decided to discuss our 10 favorite and 5 least favorite Disney Park attractions with our lovely […]

Magic Kingdom Attraction Rankings

We’ve finally reached the end of our attraction rankings series.  I’m not sure that I’ve ever actually finished a series on this blog so it’s truly a groundbreaking day.  Another series that I’m pretty excited about is right around the corner but first we have to make our […]

Disneyland Attraction Rankings

Today we’ll continue our series of ranking all the attractions in a certain Disney park. A couple of weeks ago we started with California Adventure.  To see that post and an introduction to the series, you can click here.  For now, let’s brush up on the rules. No […]