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Introducing Harold Supply Company!

Forgive us for a quick break from your usual helpful(?) Disney Parks information to do a bit of self-promotion. While the blog takes up a good deal of my time, Melissa, Michaela and I have started an Etsy shop focusing largely on Disney Parks merchandise. Like the old saying goes, “if you have one hobby then find another hobby that’s very similar!” I think it was one of our founding fathers who said that… Happy Presidents Day!

Our shop focuses on spirit jerseys and small bags, all with handmade designs on them. We also have a few T-shirts for sale. The bags are $10, T-shirts are $25 and spirit jerseys are $50! Here’s a few of our favorites.

Here’s a look at the back of our Matterhorn Spirit Jersey! The white vinyl used for the lettering is glitter and looks even better outside while walking around the parks.

To go along with the Matterhorn Jersey is our Matterhorn Bag! Seeing how the shop is named after the Yeti inside, we needed to represent. Here’s a few other bags we have in the shop!

Moving across the country to Animal Kingdom. We have a few AK inspired items!

We also have a few items that aren’t theme park specific including these two bags!

Last of all, here’s the back of one of our t-shirts featuring Big Thunder Mountain Railroad!

If any of these catch your eye then please visit our Etsy site! There are plenty of other designs to peruse and check out at Harold’s Supply Co! Just click on the link to head over there. Thank you for your time!

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