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I Moved to Disneyland

I woke up this morning and thought I was dreaming, but turns out I wasn’t! Yesterday I moved to Disneyland. By Disneyland I don’t mean I live in a hidden compartment in Space Mountain, I mean that I moved to Anaheim to begin my Disney College Program.

Check in was January 12th, and all of the participants who aren’t local to the Anaheim area are placed in Carnegie Plaza, a very nice (I feel like I’m rich) apartment complex about a ten minute drive north of the actual resort.


The check-in process was super simple and easy, and there were families everywhere helping their Disney-obsessed son or daughter into the complex. It felt just like moving into a college dorm, except there was no dreading the upcoming classes. There was a giant feeling of excitement throughout the entire day, it was amazing.

The Cast Members who run the program and the check-in process were so incredibly nice and walked you through literally every step of the day. After getting some paperwork in order and hearing about a couple big rules of the complex (Alcohol for 21+ only, quiet hours, etc.) we were released for the rest of the day to move in!


The housing here, again, is sooooooo nice. There is a mixture of different apartment types, with roommate amounts ranging from two to five. I requested a five person apartment, linking up with girls I had met on Facebook prior to arrival. This worked perfectly as I and the people I linked with are in a five person, two bedroom. That may sound like a lot of people per apartment, but the living room and bathrooms are pretty spacious, and we have had no problems fitting all of our belongings into the space.


All of the apartments come fully furnished, and Disney just bought all new furniture for every apartment, so everything is brand new! There are updated stainless steal appliances and kitchen basics such as bowls, utensils, and cups supplied.


I and the rest of my roommates brought supplemental kitchen supplies, and some extra storage drawers for space, but other than that not much is needed except for essentials like clothes and toiletries (A TV is NOT provided). Also, the entire complex has Wifi!

There was one thing I wanted coming into this complex that I wasn’t sure I would get, a window facing Disneyland. Luckily for me, The Happiest Place On Earth can be seen outside my window! Only one of the 4 sides of the complex faces Disneyland Resort (that’s how buildings work), so I and my roommates are incredibly lucky. We can see the tops of the Guardians ride, the Matterhorn (swoon), and the Pixar Pal-A-Round. We will be able to see the fireworks every night! And even if you can’t see them, they can definitely be heard two miles from the park.

In the complex there is a programs office where you can rent out movies, cleaning supplies like vacuums, board games and more! One of my family’s favorite part about about Carnegie Plaza is that there is 24 hour security. Overall I am extremely happy about the living space and don’t foresee any issues regarding it.


If you are bringing a car to the program you will receive complimentary parking either underneath or around Carnegie Plaza. If you’re not bringing a car, there is no need to worry because every participant gets a free bus pass. The bus passes work for many of the busing lines around Anaheim and will get you to Disneyland as well as the local grocery store. They are even running a program now where if you take the bus to work, walk, bike ride, or carpool they will give you money! Like a dollar a day! I have not yet used the bus system but have heard the rides are pretty quick!


If you are at all concerned about the housing for the Disneyland Resort College Program or Professional Internship, absolutely do not be. I could not have had a better experience moving in, and am so excited about the days ahead!

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