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A Day at The Disney Parks by Yourself

When I have a free day off work with no prior commitments, the first place I want to spend the day is Disneyland. However, more often than not, there is no one available to join me, especially if I decide to go last-minute. While some may find it strange, I have thoroughly enjoyed the days at Disneyland all by myself. Maybe your travel companion has been stricken ill and urges you to go on without them…or maybe you are a SoCal or Orlando local like me who can simply bop over to Disneyland / Disney World for a fun-filled afternoon. Well, for those of us who are companionless (either by choice or not) a solo day at The Disney Parks can be just as fun and magical as one spent with friends or family. Whatever your reason may be, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the park all by yourself!


Enjoy the Serenity

Even through the hectic hustle and bustle of The Disney Parks, there are plenty of moments of peace. When spending a day alone at the resort, I would highly recommend taking in the serenity of the parks as much as you can. If you have extra time, bring a book or a kindle. Trust me, there is nothing quite as beautiful and peaceful as enjoying a quiet read on the Disneyland Railroads or the Mark Twain Riverboat. Pack a yummy picnic and take the time to sit back and enjoy the scenery or relax and people-watch. If you ever have the chance to spend some quality time by yourself at the parks, you will most likely notice details you have never seen before.

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Make New Friends

When you spend a day alone at The Disney Parks, you have the wonderful opportunity of meeting new people. I have found that the majority of folks visiting the parks are super friendly and love to chat! After all, we are all together at “The Happiest Place on Earth!” I have made friends from my home state of Washington as well as some awesome new friends from Australia. Whether you are standing in a lengthy line or waiting for a parade/show to start, there are plenty of opportunities to strike up conversations with those around you. Being alone will also give you more free time to chat with Disney cast members. The employees at the resort are exceptionally nice and usually have a plethora of Disney stories and advice they love to share!

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Utilize the Single Rider Pass

One of the biggest perks of visiting The Disney Parks alone would be the accessibility to do more in less time. A Single Rider Pass is available for most of the larger rides and allows the rider to bypass almost the entire wait. Single Riders are pretty much seat fillers who are allowed access to the attraction much faster than those in groups of two or more. You can receive your Single Rider Pass by simply asking a cast member at that particular attraction if you can have a Single Rider Pass. Apart from the Single Rider Pass, you will find yourself being able to do more in a day simply because no one is slowing you down. Also, when it’s just you, you’re able to weave in and out of crowds with ease and have better access to the front seats in the shows.



I could easily spend half a day at Disneyland just shopping and browsing the stores. Main Street alone has over 20 shops to visit and sometimes I like to take my sweet time. For instance, I love going to the park with my boyfriend, but there is no way he is going to sit patiently while I try on 50 different Disney dresses, hats, etc. When you go solo, you will have much more free time to explore the shops YOU want to see without anyone who may be pushing you to move on to the next place.

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Have FUN!

All in all, never be afraid to head to The Disney Parks by yourself. Stay positive and willing to try something new. While the idea may seem daunting and others may question your decision, know that a solo trip to the parks can be just as fun as one spent with others. Embrace your alone time, have confidence and good luck!

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– Cassie

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