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Question of the Week (6/7/15)

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Question of the Week: While we can all agree that Disney Parks have some great desserts and sweets, they also have some delicious salty and savory snacks. What is your favorite salty/savory snack at the Disney Parks?

Cassie – Chili cheese fries from The Golden Horseshoe. So so good! I try to grab a snack here and watch the show in the mid afternoon when my group is getting a little tired.

Melissa H. – I seriously get cravings for the chimichangas all the time. Really, I am sure that these tasty treats are like Disney’s version of Taco Bell compared to the other Mexican food that they serve, but they are seriously to die for. I know I’m not the only one that loves them because they were sold out one day during my last trip.

BTRBBQ corn bread

Andrew – This is one I could answer differently every day of the week. Today, the snack I would pick is the sweet and spicy chicken waffle sandwich from Magic Kingdom’s Sleepy Hollow Refreshments. The chicken has a little spice to it and that offsets the sweetness of the sauce. The flavors really balance well when and taste fresh. I said this was a snack but really this is big enough for a meal. I won’t judge you if you get it for a snack though (that’s what I do).

Melissa L. – I can not go to a Disney park without having a Mickey shaped pretzel! That aren’t anything super special but they are shaped like Mickey and I enjoy them quite a bit!

Mickey Pretzel

Leslie – The infamous turkey leg. While I cannot finish it all by myself I must say I definitely enjoy the huge leg of meat. Usually my family splits it when we are visiting and sometimes it can even replace a meal. It isn’t a snack you can have on the go easily however. So we get it when we need a nice rest.

Kelsee – I’m with Melissa H. on the constant cravings for the chimichangas! Gosh, those things are delicious!

Ok, so when I’m on vacation, especially a Disney vacation, I tend to indulge in food more than I’d like to admit. Therefore, my favorite savory/salty snack is definitely the infamous Disneyland corn dogs, which I consider a snack rather than a meal. There’s a reason why they are so popular and I’m a sucker for a good old-fashioned American corn dog.

Corn Dogs

What is your favorite salty or savory snack?  Let us know in the comments.

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