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Weekly Question and Round-Up (1/11/15)

Every Sunday all of our writers get together and answer a Disney related question. Here’s this week’s question and responses.

Question of the week: Outside of the castle parks (Magic Kingdom and Disneyland) what is your favorite American Disney theme park and why?

Melissa L. – I’d say my favorite park might be Hollywood studios. I know for many, this is the least popular park, but I always really enjoy it and have a lot of fun memories there. For starters, there is the Tower of Terror which is one of my favorite rides and Toy Story Mania which is always a blast. But it also has a lot of shows and I always feel like the shows that disney offers in their parks is one of the things that make them stand out. I love the performance they do of Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid. And they always seem to have special stuff going on like Star Wars Weekend or the Frozen Summer Spectacular. Also during Christmas time they have the Osbourne family lights that is amazing to see and experience of you go during Christmas time. These are just a few reasons why I like this park.


Kelsee – I am going to go with Disney California Adventure. I love the new theming they have done and one of my favorite rides, Soarin’ Over California is there. I like the idea of being able to experience the highlights of the state of California in one area.

Leslie – Epcot has my vote, I love every aspect of it and think that it can attract both thrill ride seekers and people like me who like tamer rides. There are a few rides I like to visit, Soarin’ being one of them and there will be a Frozen ride there eventually so I am excited for that! It is also a park steeped in culture which I love. Often times I just end up strolling through the World Pavillon because it is such a nice place to walk and you might end up coming across some demonstrations. 

Japan torii gate_edited-1

Andrew – I’ll make it four parks for four people and choose Disney’s Animal Kingdom with Epcot coming in a close second. While others choose theme parks for the attractions, I tend to choose theme parks based on atmosphere, immersive environments and shows. Animal Kingdom has all of those, with a park that you could wander for the whole day. They have some great attractions, although they might not have enough yet. Festival of the Lion King and Finding Nemo: The Musical are 2 of the best shows on property. I’ve also heard good things about Flights of Wonder. The Harambe section of the park is one of the best areas of any park at Disney World. I could spend several days in this park just looking around, I think it’s beautiful and I haven’t even mentioned the animals.

Melissa H. – I think that Epcot would have to be my favorite. It was really fun to see how detailed Disney was with all of their theming and was really neat to be able to experience different cultures all in one space. I know it is nothing like actually traveling, but it’s still a wonderful experience

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  1. For me, it’s a toss up between Epcot and Animal Kingdom, but I’m going with Animal Kingdom. I love the Safari and seeing all of the animals up close. But mostly I love just wandering around. There is so much detail in all of the buildings and exhibits. You never know when you’re going to run into drummers, or dancers, or singers! The landscaping is incredible, specifically designed for each area. The last time we went, I discovered orchids growing up in the trees, which excited me much more than my son!
    I love Epcot, but Animal Kingdom is just so unique, it has to be my favorite!

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