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Bengal Barbecue Review

Bengal Barbecue is a counter-service restaurant in Disneyland’s Adventureland.  The counter specializes in skewers, specifically of the meat variety.  The prices here are some of the lowest throughout Disneyland, with almost everything below $5.

Bengal Barbecue is easy to walk right by.  The best reminder that the restaurant is there is the smell of the different barbecue sauces as you walk by.  That’s not to say the Bengal Barbecue looks bad.  In fact, not noticing the restaurant is a compliment (even if it is a little backhanded).  The Adventureland facade in Disneyland is full of straw roofs and brown tints.  Bengal Barbecue completely fits into that as it resides across from the Jungle Cruise near a few shops.


As I mentioned, guests order at the counter at this restaurant.  Bengal’s Barbecue seating is all outside and can get quite hot and crowded.  There is usually minimal shade but the tables work well enough if you’re just getting a quick bite to eat.  If you want to sit somewhere a little less crowded, there is seating at Jolly Holiday Bakery or River Belle Terrace that is more spacious and pleasant.  Those areas are both a short walk in either direction of Bengal Barbecue.

Suffice to say, you aren’t likely to eat at Bengal Barbecue because of the great environment.  Why you might eat there is because of the food and value.  Here is a link to the menu of the restaurant.  As you can see, the offerings are minimal.  The meat on all of the skewers is cooked well from the different times I’ve tried it.  The beef and chicken are both juicy.  I prefer the beef over the chicken, as I think it has more flavor.

The sauces are what really make the skewers.  Sometimes they put a bit too much on but I like that there are several options on the sauce.  I haven’t tried the hot & spicy sauce but I like both the Zulu sauce and the Polynesian sauce.  Both sauces have a Hawaiian/Polynesian flavor profile that make them fit into the theme of Adventureland.


The asparagus wrapped in bacon skewer is a nice little change from just the meat.  There is a seasonal vegetable skewer too.  I’ve never had either of these as they have vegetables on them and I’m against that.  With that being said, I know people (I won’t use actual names because I don’t want them to be embarrassed) who really enjoy the vegetable skewers.

Another item that I’ve had here is the Pomegranate Piranha Lemonade.  Dumb name aside, this is a really refreshing drink.  Frozen lemonade with peach and mango flavors.  There is boba in the bottom of the drink and a passion fruit foam on top.  I didn’t taste any piranha in my drink but I’m no piranha taste expert.

There is an Ahi Poke Spring Roll on the menu and sadly I haven’t tried that.  It sounds interesting to me though.  The breadstick sounds good too.  Melissa has tried it and likes it pretty well.

All of the skewers are under five dollars and that is absolutely a good value, even in non-Disney terms.  They aren’t the most filling items but they are a great snack or a light meal.  If you get two of the skewers then that is a decent sized meal and still under $10.  I like Disneyland’s other counter-service options better for a meal but this is one of my favorite snacks at the park and perfect if on a budget.  If you want a fun meal get a skewer of your choice and then go get beignets in New Orleans Square or a Raspberry Macaron at Jolly Holiday Bakery.

Overall, Bengal Barbecue is a perfect place to stop for a quick bite to eat.  The skewers aren’t the best snack in Disneyland but they are one of my favorite hearty snacks.  I highly recommend them, especially if you are a fan of savory over sweet.

Overall Rating – 8.5/10

– Andrew


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